Magnetic Building Blocks for Toddlers

Building blocks for toddlers with added magnetism

A set of building blocks are a classic toy, they encourage motor skills and cognitive development. There are many types of building blocks from simple wooden shapes to interlocking construction blocks like Lego and of course seemingly magical blocks that stick together thanks to magnetism.

Magnetic blocks are similar to classic blocks but are embedded with hidden magnets that cause them to snap together, increasing the possibilities for building and making them easier to easier in many ways for younger children.

The benefits of playing with magnetic building blocks

The benefits of playing with magnetic building blocks are similar in many ways to the benefits of playing with any other set of building blocks.

Benefits include:

  • Developing both fine and gross motor skills as toddlers grip the blocks and carefully place them in the desired place, all while squatting, crouching and standing.
  • Improving hand-eye coordination.
  • Learning about colours, patterns and shape recognition. You can encourage this by talking as you play and noticing and repeating patterns.
  • Discovering mathematical concepts such as symmetry, scale, balance and spatial relationships in a fun and nonthreatening way. Children will naturally begin to explore these concepts both by asking questions and discovering through play
  • Developing problem-solving skills and lateral thinking. This is an essential skill that will be needed throughout their lives that can be nurtured and practised early though block play.
  • Learning about persistence, concentration and resilience. Building elaborate constructions take practice, concentration and persistence. Structures will inevitably get knocked down or not work as planned and this failure builds resilience.
  • Practising construction skills and engaging their creativity. Magnetic blocks are particularly good for this as you can build out as well as up.
  • Great for teamwork, cooperation and sharing. Magnetic building blocks are perfect for group play and can really help with social skills.


  • Building gives a sense of accomplishment giving a boost in motivation and self-confidence.

Tegu Magnetic blocks

Tegu have created a beautiful range of tactile magnetic blocks that are perfect for children aged 12 months and up, including a new range designed specifically for toddlers.

These chunky magnetic building blocks are completely child safe and perfect for getting creative with. We love the wheels which means you can easily switch between constructing epic towers and speeding racecars.

Designed to encourage open-ended play without the need for batteries or instructions. They also have a fab range of monsters and futuristic robots to give you and your little ones a bit of added inspiration.

We take a more in-depth look at what are Tegu Blocks and are they worth it here.

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