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Men's Grooming and Skincare

From 100% natural deodorants that will keep you dry and fresh to the best range of natural beard and shaving products and fabulous men's moisturisers tailored to male skin, we've got natural men's grooming covered. 

Male Grooming Tips

Men's Beard Care

When you sport a natural beard, you need beard products to condition and control the beard hair.

You don't have to be sporting a full beard to need beard care products.

Many men grow goatee beards and can experience itching and irritated skin as a result.

When growing a beard, It takes a while for the skin to become accustomed to the new covering of hair.

Beard growth can be sharp and men can suffer a beard rash as a result. Goatees are often maintained using beard trimmers

Hygiene is important. Switching from a facial wash to a natural beard wash can make a difference. The beard shampoo will condition the hair leaving it feeling softer and less irritating.

Because the skin is usually exfoliated with a shaving action, stopping shaving can cause a build-up of dead skin cells under the beard hair.

Comb through the beard with a beard brush to loosen any skin cells before washing.

Follow with a leave-in conditioner formulated for facial hair.

This will benefit the skin by leaving it well moisturised and clear of dead skin.

We stock natural beard balms to help condition, control and soften facial hair. Trevarno Sandalwood and Bergamot beard natural beard balm come in a tin and it is packed with all natural ingredients.

Jojoba oil, cocoa butter and a host of essential oils have been blended to create a natural beard balm that will feed and condition the skin and hair.

This Balm is designed to be used daily. The scent is from the essential oil of limonene and bergamot.

Long haired beards can benefit from an application of beard oil daily. The oil will be more suited to getting deep under the hair due to its light nature.

Oils such as coconut oil, argan oil and pure essential oils will target the hair follicles and contribute to healthy beard growth.

Nourishing your beard from skin level as the hairs grow, will help you achieve a well-conditioned natural healthy beard.

For an unruly beard that requires a bit more control, we recommend a moustache wax. The rugged man moustache wax will control an unruly beard or moustache and add a bit of hold.

Made using the finest natural ingredients including, Shea butter and beeswax, golden jojoba oil and essential oils.

This wax comes with a warning - prepare for compliments!

A little bit of beard wax can be softened between fingertips and combed into the facial hair.

But wait

What if you don't have a beard and prefer a clean shaven look?

Mens Grooming - Shaving Tips

Don't worry, you haven't been left out. There are plenty of men's grooming products for you.
How about an artisan natural shaving soap set?

Traditional shaving needs some tools of the trade if you're going to do a good job,
We have shaving bowls, soap bowls, shaving brush and soap sets and even shaving oil.
We recommend the use of a safety razor where possible.

Not only are they better for wet shavers but they save landfill from a disposable plastic handled razor being binned after each use.

There is an initial investment to be made but longer term, that turns into a saving as blades can be used for several shaves.

Wet shaving can be harsh and cause problems for those with sensitive skin.

Taking these steps can help to prevent those issues arising.

1. Soak a muslin cloth or flannel in hot water and place over the area to be shaved.

This step helps to swell the hair and open the pores enabling a closer shave.

  • Make a rich lather by swirling the shaving brush into the shave soap. A shaving bowl is handy as it keeps the shave soap in place and contains excess lather.

If you prefer to use a shave oil then massage it well into the skin.

Airmid shaving soap is gentle on the skin. Among the 100% natural ingredients are - Organic avocado oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, pure essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, patchouli, bentonite clay, Irish spring water, vitamin E.

These ingredients make a luxurious whipped shave cream when used with a shave brush. A little goes a long way and the skin will be left feeling moisturised after the shave.

3.Using the safety razor, shave in the direction of the hair growth.

4. Once the majority of stubble has been removed, you can repeat the step of creating a lather and brushing it over the beard area.

Shave again going against the direction of hair growth.

This will get a clean close shave.

5. Rinse the area with hot water to remove any remaining hairs and shaving soap and pat dry with a fresh cotton towel.

6. Finally, moisturise using an aloe vera rich moisturiser or a natural facial moisturiser for sensitive skin.

Treat the man in your life and put together a gift set with all of the men's grooming products that you know will benefit his skin.