Metal cups


Metal Cups

Metal cups offer a great alternative to plastic or glass in any number of situations. They are easy to clean, donít taint or flavour the contents and you could throw them at a wall without them breaking (although this is not something we recommend).

Perfect for parties, camping trips, picnics or just to use at home stackable metal cups look and feel much nicer than plastic, will last a lifetime and are much for environmentally sound.

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Page 1 of 1:    4 Items

Stackable Cups

We have a wide range of high quality stackable stainless steel cups including lightweight metal drinkware. These are perfect eco-friendly alternatives to plastic cups that contain BPA and glass that are breakable. Whether youíre at home or out and about, these stackable cups are perfect containers for your favourite beverage, be it coffee or tea.

Single wall cups

Klean Kanteen, one of the most popular eco-brands, has an amazing range of stackable cups which come in 3 sizes; 295ml, 473ml, and 592ml. These cups are lightweight and stackable, making them convenient to carry and easy to clean because you can toss them into your dishwasher. Add one of those silicone pint rings and you can attach these cups to your backpack.

You can accessorise the 473ml and 592ml variants of the cup with straw lids and tumbler lids to minimise spills and protect your drink. Perfect for busy people and those who love the outdoors.