Montessori Toys Buying Guide

Solidly grounded by its founder, Maria Montessori’s innovative philosophies and principles, the Montessori educational method is one of the most popular alternative school systems in the world today. A lot of kids are reacting well to this approach because in the Montessori Method, they are given opportunities to learn through self-directed and hands-on experiences. This philosophy is a great way to promote teaching independence and letting children direct their own learning. With these Montessori toys, your child will have the freedom to explore and learn in their own unique way.

Montessori toys have been used for teaching children for at least half a century. These toys are also perfect for children’s early development because these toys help them develop their skills which is why they are very popular around the world. These toys provide hours of fun, they teach about cause and effect learning, help your child develop patience and persistence ideal for artistic development, you can use these in play-based programs as well as Montessori environments.

Montessori toys add variety and challenge to a child's play time. They inspire the development of fine motor skills, cognitive thinking, and even socialization with teachers and peers. Some of these toys incorporate fun ways to learn different lessons and concepts like languages and numbers.

However, many parents often get confused as to what kind of Montessori toy to buy for their little one. So here’s our short guide on how to choose the right Montessori toys for your child.


The first thing that should be at the top of your list when buying Montessory toys or any toy for that matter. No matter how good a toy is, if it is not safe to play then it is not worth it.

Montessori toys are made from wooden materials. While most wooden toys are safe, make sure that the toy has round edges and smooth surfaces to avoid any injuries and splinters. If your child is too young to be playing with small toys, make sure to buy Montessori toys that are chunky in size. Buying small toys for your child could increase the risk of choking especially if your child has developed a nasty habit of putting objects and toys into her mouth.


Not all Montessori toys are created equal. Some of these toys might last longer than others. You want your Montessori toy to last for as long as possible. Make sure to do your own research before deciding to buy a Montessori toy. Read online reviews from other parents and learn from their experience so that you can set your expectations.

Toys That Grow With Your Child

Choose Montessori toys that grow with your child. Children grow so fast and it is a good idea to invest in toys that your child will play as he grows. For instance, alphabet building blocks are good examples of toys that grow with your child. Your child will learn about the letters of the alphabet and when he grows older he can use the same building blocks to build structures.

Toys That Support Your Child’s Interest

Buying Montessori toys that support your child’s interest is good for her development. If your little one is a budding chef that has picked up an interest in cooking, it is highly recommended to buy Montessori toys that are related to food and cooking.


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