Musical Instruments You Can Make with Your Kids

DIY Musical Instruments You Can Easily Make At Home

Musical toys have proven developmental benefits to little kids. Playing with them allows kids to develop a wide set of essential skills and learn new things while still having fun. For this reason, music toys are considered one of the most ideal early learning toys. For instance, beating or banging a drum encourages kids to use their hands and their eyes which helps in developing their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Music is also often linked to creativity and imagination. Through creative and imaginative play, kids are able to make music and express themselves more. If you are looking for a fun time to bond with your kids, we suggest making musical instruments at home with them.

Here are some DIY musical instruments that you and your children can easily make at home.


Drums are one of the most common musical instruments and playing them is so easy. They create a rhythm that you can follow and dance to. You can make a drum by using common household items like empty soup cans and Pringles containers. Make sure to clean them first before using them for your project. If you want to make a hand drum, you will need cardboard, paper straws, some ribbons and beads.


You can make a tambourine out of paper plates. Cut the paper plates in half and paint it using non-toxic watercolor. You can use this time to teach your child about colours. Let your kids colour their paper tambourine however they want. After painting the paper plate, punch holes on the curve edge of the paper plate. Attach small bells into a ribbon then tie them in the holes.


You can make either a water xylophone or wooden xylophone. A water xylophone produces a wide range of sounds. Simply fill cups with different amounts of water and use spoons or forks to create different ones and rhythms. Your kids can have fun with their friends with this homemade xylophone.

If you are into woodworking and have scraps of wood, you can put them in good use by making a wooden xylophone. Paint it with non-toxic dyes to make it more attractive and colourful.


You would be surprised how easy it is to make a harmonica. You only need a few popsicle sticks, toothpicks and strings. Colour the popsicle sticks and once the paint is dry. Tie 2 popsicle sticks together on both ends and stick a toothpick in the middle to create a gap. Your child can blow in the gap and watch them create wonderful music.


Use paper plates, ribbons and old coins or washers to make cymbals. Paint the paper plates however you want or let your kids do it instead which is a good activity to encourage creativity and imagination. Place your kids’s hands at the middle of the paper plate and mark both sides of the hand with a pencil. Punch holes on both marks and do the same to the other paper plate. Tie a ribbon into the holes then glue old coins or washers on the edge of the paper plates.


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