Musical Toys


Musical Toys for Kids

Designed for babies and toddlers, these musical toys help in your child's auditory and tactile development.

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Bigjigs Table Top Piano
Just B Woofer
Tidlo Musical Instruments (Red)
£37.96  (2)
Bigjigs Guitar
Bigjigs Bongos
Tidlo Guitar Flowers
£22.96  (2)
Plan Toys Concertina
£22.00  (2)
Tidlo Musical Bear Xylophone
£18.95  (3)
Just B Rain Rush
£18.50  (1)
Tidlo Rainbow Drum
£16.94  (5)
Bigjigs Recorder
Bigjigs Tambourine
Bigjigs Harmonica
Bigjigs Mini Tambourine
£6.95  (1)
Bigjigs Twin Maraca
£4.95  (2)

Page 1 of 1:    25 Items 

Fun & Engaging Toys

Your child will be entertained with the sounds these instruments make and the bright coloured finish will keep them excited with every play session. These music toys will also enable your kid to learn different instruments and learn new sounds and music. They can also create unique musical sounds by arranging and combining sounds any way they want. You can also have peace of mind knowing that these music toys are safe for your kids. Each toy conforms to European and international safety standards. With our range of musical toys, the possibilities are only limited to our child's imagination.

If you are looking for toys that promote artistry and creativity, look no further than our collection.

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