Nappy Boosters

Boosters can be a vital element to any cloth nappy, to help them last that bit longer. Whether you need a night time booster, or just to add a few hours in the day, they can really help your reusable nappy work!

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Flip Disposable Inserts (18 pack)

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Hemp Babies Little Weeds Boosters


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Little Lamb Bamboo Boosters



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If you are struggling with cloth nappies, a first place to look is adding absorbency layers with a bamboo nappy inserts. Heavy wetters often just need a bamboo insert inside their cloth nappies. You can add this as just absorbency, or including a stay dry layer on the booster pad. We recommend getting a booster pack of 6-12 booster pads. The pads can either go inside the nappy, underneath or on top (especially if they have a stay dry layer). Even if you have a super absorbent nappy like a bamboo nappy, you still might need to add a booster pad. Adding a booster pad will just make your absorbent nappy and even more absorbent nappy!

Nappy liners are different, they just catch any solids, and do not provide additional absorbency, so will not help your heavy wetter. Nappy liners can be paper, or stay dry fleece, neither will work as boosters. Fleece liners just catch solids, they do not add any absorbency. Nappy inserts can be classed as booster pads as they can be layered to add absorbency to any cloth nappy for your heavy wetting child. Silk liners again just provide a liner layer, but can help with nappy rash.

Bamboo boosters are the most popular, but boosters can be made from bamboo, organic cotton, hemp anything you can put inside your cloth nappy to help! Our favourite is the little weeds, super versatile but very quick drying. Hemp is super absorbent and makes the best boosters, however, the trade-off for the super absorbent booster pad, is the drying time. Hemp is ideal for heavy wetting toddlers!

Don't worry about matching brands up, whether you use little lambs inside your bambino mio, it's all fine and interchangeable! Bamboo boosters can also help with potty training if you remove any stay dry layers. A Booster pack is a vital part of any cloth nappy kit and we would put in any trial kit. A booster pack can be made up of bamboo cotton or any mix of brands. If using a pocket nappy put your booster pad in the pocket part. Microfibre inserts do not make the best boosters as they absorb the least but do dry very quickly, so they are not great for a heavy wetter. For newborns, microfibre inserts are best, but ensure there is a stay dry layer next to the skin as the top layer.

A booster pack is a real advantage to cloth nappies because unlike disposable nappies you can just keep on layering the absorbency to find the level your heavy wetting child needs. Just ensure you can still fit your nappy covers over your nappy once you have added the layers! For night time, consider getting nappy covers a size up to allow you to fit in the bamboo inserts. You can also use nappy covers over a disposable nappy to help with leaks. For adding layers to all-in-one nappies just lay on top of the nappy for additional absorbency