Nappy Wet Bag

Nappy Wet Bags

Nappy wet bags are pretty essential if you use reusable nappies.

Reusable Waterproof Nappy Wet Bags

A wet bag will hold your dirty cloth nappy, either when out and about or at home instead of using a nappy bucket. Unlike a nappy bucket when it’s time to wash your nappies you can wash the bag at the same time, much easier than cleaning out a bucket.

And they’re not just for nappies. A wet bag can be used for anything wet so they are perfect for muddy clothes and the mini wet bags are perfect for reusable sanitary products as well.

We consider nappy pouches to be essential nappy accessories for a cloth nappy. Wet dry nappy bags will have a wet section and a dry section for clean and dirty cloth nappy storage. Wet bags come in all sizes from small, which will carry just 1-2 nappies to hanging wet dry bags which can hold up to 30 nappies. Nappy bags can be used for a myriad of other uses when you stop using cloth nappies, for example, they can be used for swim nappies or just swimming gear. The smaller bags can also be used to store cloth sanitary pads. Wet bags come in a range of beautiful prints, just choose your favourite style! We recommend if a child is in a nursery, having at least three wet bags for this purpose. One to store the clean nappies, one for nursery to put the used cloth nappies in.

When out and about, dispose of any nappy liners and solids, then put the wet nappy into the bag. Never leave a cloth nappy in a wet bag for longer than 2-3 days if they are just a wet nappy. If they are soiled, you will need to deal with on your return to the house. A nappy bag is much less work than a nappy bucket, as with a bucket you have to clean it out after every use. You just throw the nappy bag into the machine to wash with the cloth nappies.

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