Natural Bath Bombs

You deserve a little time to yourself.

And what better way to do it than soaking yourself in your tub with a gorgeous bath bomb. Our bath bombs are made with 100% natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling amazing. With a variety of scents to choose from, you can find the perfect one for any occasion!


We have something for everyone - whether you're looking for an energizing or a relaxing bath, we've got it all! These bath bombs, fizzes and melts are perfect for anyone who wants to take some time out of their day to relax in the tub even if they have sensitive skin. Choose from many options and a wide range of sizes. So go ahead - indulge yourself today!

Save the environment and start using plastic-free bath products.

High-Quality Bath Bombs

There are times that you want to just relax so the first thing you do is soak in a bath. However, regardless of whether you have a small or big size tub, a bath can sometimes use a lot of water but you can do a lot of things to lessen your environmental impact. Using natural bath products for one or just use the right amount of water, not more than what's needed.

Add relaxation, luxury and fun to your bath time with these luxury bath bombs. Simply place or drop a bath bomb in running water and watch them add colours, fizz (chemical reaction of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid) and dissolve, releasing an array of essential oils like coconut oil, rosemary essential oil and mint essential oil to your bath water that leave your skin feeling soft, fragrant, and moisturized especially for those with dry skin. And soon your bathroom will be filled with a relaxing, refreshing smell that sometimes helps you go to sleep. These bath bombs are made with very soothing and nourishing ingredients to soothe the senses while you relax and enjoy your bath time.

You can never go wrong with our collection of handmade natural bath bombs. These natural bath bombs are made from safe, organic ingredients, pure essential oils, botanicals and natural fragrances. Adding these bath bombs to your daily hygiene routine will help hydrate and nourish your sensitive skin and give it a radiant healthy glow. Since most of these natural products have natural moisturisers, they're also suitable for normal and dry skin. They are handmade to provide you with the best experience. It's hard not to love these products!

The oils in our bath bombs are good for moisturising which helps and makes your skin feel soft, silky smooth and supple. It reduces oil without drying for clear, healthy-looking skin. These bath products are fantastic especially if you have dry skin. The relaxing natural scents of our bath bombs make them good for aromatherapy too. These bath bombs help you relax and relieve stress after a long day at work. You can check out our natural bath bombs.

If you're out of gift ideas, consider getting making your own gift hamper filled with colourful bath bombs. Bath bombs make for amazing gifts for any occasion.

Soaking in an Epsom salt bath has many benefits. A cupful of Epsom salts in your bath can give relief from aches and pains and soothe away the stresses of a tiring day. Especially when it's been expertly blended with nature's finest essential oil. Jones the Bones bath salts and Muscle and Joint Oil can help with fibromyalgia which has anti-inflammatory properties relieves aches and pains, muscle and joint stiffness, sports injuries and just about everything else!

Bath Salts

Bath salts are quite popular and can be really beneficial to your health. They aren't just something nice to add to your bathwater, they can have all kinds of health benefits too.

Our bodies need magnesium and sulfate to function properly. Without magnesium in our bodies, we cannot create energy (and we all need that when we have kids to wrangle). Our muscles need magnesium to contract and relax and even our hormones depend on magnesium and sulphate to help control vital body functions.

Magnesium is a mineral compound that can be absorbed through the skin. Using Epsom salts and sea salt in the bath will increase your magnesium levels immediately.

Another benefit of a salt bath is the detox element. You can shift excess fluid that your body may have retained, just by spending 20 minutes soaking in the bath! And don't forget that lying in a bath of warm water will help to ease sore muscles.

It's great for period pains and the magnesium is reported to be good for those with chocolate cravings (or you could just buy some organic chocolate and give in to them!)

What if I don't have a bath?

You can still reap the benefits. Fill a basin or foot bath with some water and spend 15 minutes or so soaking your feet. You can add pure essential oils if you want to scent the water.

A foot soak will soften your feet. If you have pain in your feet or ankles then an Epsom salt foot soak can help to ease that. Many people swear by the magnesium sulphate in the salt bath to remove toxins and to help restless legs.

Bath Tea Bags by Wild Olive

Wild Olive bath tea bags offer a unique bathing experience combining dead sea salts, essential oils and tea all in a sealed bag. Simply pop one into your bath and allow the fragrance and salts to infuse with the water. These are the perfect relaxing treat with no mess to clean up. And they make lovely gifts.

Drift away in indulgent moisturising waters with our range of 100% natural bath bombs, melts and salts that will leave your skin silky soft and smelling amazing. These are the perfect treat for a bit of me time and make fabulous gifts for men and women. We have 100% natural bath bomb sets for little children too!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is a natural bath bomb?

  • A bath bomb is a solid mixture of wet and dry ingredients that hold their shape together without crumbling and has been moulded into a variety of forms (mostly in a spherical shape) and dried. Some come in a mix of colour and fragrance, turning your bath time into something fun and colourful.

  • Bath bombs can be made from a variety of 100% natural ingredients that are kind to the skin like lavender essential oil, organic coconut oil, cedarwood essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, rose essential oil, witch hazel, cocoa butter, peppermint, eucalyptus and more.

  • A lot of these ingredients have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation, relieves headaches and lessen skin irritation and as a home treatment for hundreds of skin conditions like dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and many more.

  • Some bath bombs have a load of bath goodness and zesty, uplifting scents and are also formulated with relaxing scents to help you unwind and calm your mind during your baths.

  • Depending on the makers, some focus on the colours while others on the scent of their bath bombs.

  • Some may contain biodegradable glitter (ensure when buying a bath bomb the glitter is biodegradable, most is not which ends up leaving plastic in our waterways).

  • Most bath bombs contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and citric acid. Some may also contain butter that moisturises and protect the skin from further damage.

How to use a bath bomb?

An easy way to use these organic bath bombs is to simply drop them into your bathwater. And most of the time you don't have to wait for it to fully dissolve.

Are these products good for sensitive skin?

Generally, they're gentle for sensitive skin as well as dry skin since they don't contain the usual toxic chemicals found in many bath products. But please read relevant information to make sure they're suitable to your sensitive skin.

Are these bath bombs cruelty-free?


Does this product produce bubbles?


How are they packaged?

Each piece of bath product is wrapped and packed minimally. These natural bath bombs come in eco-friendly, zero-waste packaging.

Are they vegan?

Most of our products are vegan and cruelty-free. But please read and check the information shown on each product page to find what's best for you.

Can I buy this product as a gift?

  • Purchase one for a loved one or pamper yourself!

  • People always search for beauty and skincare products as gifts so we have put together a bunch of bath bombs and other bath goodies and sell them as a gift set. These gift sets are perfect as Holiday gifts, Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gifts and other special occasions. Available in different price ranges so there's something for every budget.

Do you ship to the UK?

Yes, we ship to any address in the United Kingdom, ROI and EU.

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