Natural Lip Balm

natural lip balm

Natural Lip Balm

Shop our range of natural lip balm and turn your skincare routine into something that healthier and greener.

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Eco-friendly Lip Care Products

All ingredients that go into making these lip balms are good for both you and the environment. Our natural lip care contains natural ingredients, pure essential oils and botanicals. These non-toxic ingredients soften and moisturise your lips and protect them from the harshest elements. They leave your lips hydrated, fresh and rejuvenated. These natural lip balms are also cruelty-free and comes in environmentally friendly packaging, further reducing plastic and toxic waste. Whether you are looking for lip moisturiser or lip treatment, we have the best natural lip balm for you.

Exfoliating chapped lips naturally with natural lip balms

If your lips are cracked and chapped condition, then it's important to exfoliate them. Cracked lips are at risk of getting infected and they can feel uncomfortable. When you have a flake on your lip, the first thing you do is lick it then bite or pull at the flake. It's something we do automatically and it can cause raw patches. Get rid of the flakes and you will have healthy and comfortable feeling lips. Your lip balms will work better as they aren't getting absorbed into dry flaky skin.

To exfoliate your lips gently, you can use a clean muslin cloth or flannel. Use coconut oil in a thick layer and let it penetrate for a few minutes to soften any flaky patches. Put the Muslin cloth over your forefinger and gently massage your lips in a circular motion. Take care not to scrub as you only want to remove the dead skin and not hurt the delicate lip tissue. Follow with a natural lip care item like a lip balm to keep your lips in kissable condition.

Natural Lip Balm with SPF

You can get SPF lip balm and this is recommended for use when the sun is strong and you are exposed to harmful UV rays. UV rays can activate the cold sore virus (herpes simplex virus) but use a good lip balm can prevent this. Cold sores are painful and are contagious. If you get a cold sore, you will need to discard any products you are currently using. In the event of a cold sore breakout, you can help to heal by using essential oils to treat the sore. Lavender is healing and soothing. Dilute Lavender into some olive oil and apply it to the affected area.

Do not use any other lip care products whilst the sore is active.

Vegan Lip Care

Vegan-friendly is important to you and we stock vegan lip care products. We only stock cruelty-free skin care and will only work with beauty brands who can guarantee that their products are cruelty-free or vegan. Some of our lip balms will contain beeswax, however, our vegan lip balms are clearly marked as being vegan. Cocoa butter, candelilla wax, carnauba wax and soy wax replace beeswax in our vegan lip care.

Only the best organic ingredients are in all of our health and beauty products and our natural lip balms are no different. You can shop with confidence at Baba Me and trust us to research the products and ensure that you are buying ethical and organic products.

Make the smarter choice and choose natural lip care products.

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