Natural Soap

Our natural soap bars are handmade in small batches and made with 100% natural and organic ingredients that will clean and moisturise your skin without stripping it of its natural oils, leaving behind nothing but a beautiful glowing radiant complexion for days to come. They're also great for sensitive skin!

Give yourself a break from those harsh chemicals found in other soaps by switching to plastic free natural soap bars today! It's never too late for better-looking skin and start living an eco friendly lifestyle! Browse our natural soap shop and find the perfect little soap for you and your family.

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Handmade Natural Organic Soap

Our wonderful range of natural soap bars is only made from natural ingredients. They are also vegan-friendly and made from cruelty free ingredients. No palm oil, parabens or chemicals, you will have skin feeling soft and conditioned instead of parched and dry. We offer a range of scents that are perfect for any occasion! Natural soap includes any soap which is made from natural ingredients, from hand soaps even down to shaving soap! We love them because they are zero waste but also they smells great! They can include a wide range of natural ingredients from cocoa butter to tea tree and their by products. They look great in any gift set and many of our Irish brands started life as a discussion around a kitchen table before passionate people decided to make them!

The alternative is liquid soap or solid soap that contains toxic chemicals you don’t want to be on your skin. They also have artificial fragrances and come in single plastic packaging.

You deserve the best quality products on your skin. That's why we handpicked soaps with organic oils like coconut oil, castor oil, palm kernel oil and more! All these oils help keep your skin moisturised while cleansing it gently.

And because they're all-natural there's no need to worry about those harsh chemicals that can cause irritation in some people. Your body deserves better than that!

Vegan and Cruelty Free Soaps

Many soap brands are filled with chemicals and additives that can irritate your skin. Our organic natural soap bars are pure, cruelty free, without any of the nasty chemicals found in most commercial products. All our ingredients are certified organic or sustainably harvested. We use only 100% vegetable oils for a rich lather and creamy feeling on your skin!

You deserve to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin every day - not just when you're at the spa or resorting to expensive treatments. That's why we've curated an entire collection of luxurious bath & body care products made from high-quality natural ingredients designed specifically for everyday use by real people living real lives!

Why use natural soap?

✓ Healthy skin with organic natural soaps
✓ Made from natural essential oils and natural fragrances
✓ Skin doesn't dry out like in commercial soap brands
✓ Lathers and rinses clean, biodegradable
✓ Natural, organic ingredients - long-lasting soap ✓ They'll last far longer than liquid soap because you'll only use exactly what you need. ✓ Don’t contain nasties and palm oil

What's in natural soap?

Natural organic soap is palm oil free and has no perfume or colourants - only pure essential oils if required for scent, which makes our range of organic natural soap bars suitable for all skin types. A good soap will have a lovely creamy lather. It shouldn't go slimy or dry out and crack in the soap dish.

The cruelty free handmade soap that we stock is finely milled, made with shea butter and essential oils. The soap base is often castile soap which is made from olive oil. All of these rich butter and oils stop your soap from drying out. These beautiful soaps stop your skin from drying out too and make you wonder why you ever used commercial soaps.

Handmade natural organic soap offers ready-made hand soap, packed with organic ingredients and available as soap bars or liquids. Shop our range today, you won't be disappointed! Our handmade soaps are finely milled made with shea butter and essential oils. The scents of essential oils ooze from our soaps and permeate the whole room without any need for a synthetic or artificial fragrance added. All of these rich butter and oils in our natural soap bar stop your skin from drying out too making you wonder why you ever used commercial soaps. Also, many of our cleansing soap bars contain aloe vera and our milk soaps are perfect facial cleansers

If you are looking for natural vegan soaps check out our vegan soap selection. We have a wide variety of handmade vegan soap suitable for all skin types.

What is a natural soap bar?

Natural soap bars are made using various organic materials, which also include natural sources. These usually consist of plant-based ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients for your hair, body, and skin. Some of the natural ingredients that manufacturers use are coconut oil, aloe vera gel and honey.

Natural soap bars are often sold in eco-friendly, plastic free packaging and containers to preserve their natural goodness while being transported from the manufacturer to you. These organic soaps come with a wide range of fragrant scents that will surely make your skin more beautiful and radiant.

Pure natural soap bars have many benefits for your hair, skin, and body. Since they are organic, these soaps do not contain chemicals that can harm you or the environment. Organic soaps also give you softer and smoother skin than conventional soap. Natural ingredients such as honey can help bring back moisture to your skin while sloughing off dead and dry skin cells.

Organic soaps are a great alternative to chemical-laden, synthetic soaps that have harmful detergents. There are many companies today that are manufacturing natural bars in order to cater for the growing demand for eco-friendly products. If you want to give your skin a chemical-free treat, check out our natural soap collection today.

Olive oil soap handmade with organic shea butter is just utter luxury. If you are looking for a soap gift we have some pre-made soap gift sets but otherwise, any of our handmade natural soap bar collections will be a perfect stocking filler. Whether it's a lavender soap, orange soap, unscented natural soap bar or a cold-processed natural vegan soap we have something for everyone! Combine with some hand cream or lips balms and bath bombs to make the perfect gift.

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