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natural-toothpaste-1Natural Toothpaste that works naturally!

Keep your teeth pearly white and your gums healthy with our great range of natural toothpaste for adults and children.

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Nfco Original Toothpaste
Nfco Sensitive Toothpaste
Nfco Whitening Toothpaste
Ben & Anna Plastic Free Toothpowder Cinnamon
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Jack N' Jill Natural Baby Toothpaste Organic Blueberry
Eco Living Eco Floss 2 Pack

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Natural Organic Toothpaste for Eco-friendly Oral Care

Gluten free, paraben free, non-GMO, sugar-free, cruelty-free, SLS free, fluoride free. Whatever you need we have the perfect organic toothpaste for you.

And because we are always striving to reduce our environmental impact we've sourced some fantastic plastic free organic toothpaste options to keep your teeth sparkling and your bathroom plastic free.

Natural Organic Toothpaste is Better than Regular Toothpaste

As more people make the switch to natural skincare products, organic food and eco-friendly cleaning products, natural dental care products like natural organic toothpastes have seen rise in popularity over the past few years.

There are plenty of benefits to using natural organic toothpaste instead of regular toothpaste.

Natural Toothpastes are Eco-Friendly

Most if not all regular toothpastes contain harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, SLS and many more. Compare that to natural toothpastes which are made from natural ingredients like lemon, baking soda, salt and charcoal. Also, most natural toothpastes come in recyclable and sustainable packaging and containers. So using natural toothpastes can cut down on wastes and pollutants. Most importantly, these natural toothpastes have not been tested on animals.

Natural Toothpastes are Good for our Bodies

Since natural toothpastes do not contain toxic chemicals, they are highly recommended for kids and those who are suffering from mouth diseases like ulcers. For instance, toothpastes containing aloe vera, due to its healing properties, can speed up recovery of mouth ulcers. Kids also need a milder toothpaste since their teeth are sensitive and delicate so using natural toothpastes is the smarter and healthier choice.

While most natural toothpastes still contain fluoride, there are oral care brands that offer fluoride-free natural toothpastes. The effects of fluoride to our health is still a hot topic for debate. So we recommend doing your own research on the subject for you to make an informed decision.

Take care of your oral hygiene naturally with our selection of high quality natural organic toothpaste brands.