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Newborn Toys - Early Learning Through Play

We stock a great range of amazing newborn toys, suitable from birth, that will delight and engage even the tiniest of minds. Perfect gifts for new babies, many of these traditional wooden toys, natural baby teething toys, soft rattles dolls and soothers will last well into toddlerhood and beyond.

Our collection also includes eco-friendly dolls from Swedish dollmaker Rubens Barn, colourful rattles, activity balls and many more. These dolls are your newborn's snuggle buddy during naptime, and the brightly coloured toys help with colour recognition.

All these newborn toys are 100% safe and made from high quality environmentally friendly materials like wood and organic cotton.

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Rubens Cutie Charlie Activity
£40.90  (2)
Rubens Cutie Emilie Activity
£40.90  (2)
Rubens Cutie Adam Activity
Rubens Baby  - Max 4 piece
£64.90  (16)
Rubens Cutie Hanna Activity
£40.90  (4)
Rubens Happy
£14.90  (2)
Rubens Cutie Karin Activity
£40.90  (3)
Rubens Cutie Jennifer Activity
Rubens Baby -  Emma 4 piece
£64.90  (17)
Rubens Cutie  - Hanna
£35.89  (3)
Rubens Baby  - Nils 4 piece
£64.90  (1)
Rubens Baby -  Molly 4 Piece
£64.90  (24)
Rubens Cutie  - Adam
£35.89  (2)
Rubens Barn Fern Ecobud
Rubens EcoBuds - Aspen
Rubens EcoBuds - Iris
£40.90  (2)
Rubens Barn Poppy Ecobud
£40.90  (2)
Rubens Cutie  - Karin
£35.89  (7)
Rubens EcoBuds - Hazel
Rubens Baby -  Erik 4 piece
£64.90  (27)
Rubens Cutie  - Jennifer
£35.89  (4)
Rubens Cutie  - Emelie
£35.89  (12)
Rubens EcoBuds - Daisy
£40.90  (1)
Rubens Kids Clara
£44.89  (2)
Rubens Kids Lollo
Rubens Cutie  - Charlie
£35.90  (10)
Rubens Kids Linnea
£44.89  (4)
Grimms Onion House
£6.49  (6)
Rubens Kids Cicci
£44.89  (1)
Rubens Kids Alma
Rubens Kids Olivia
£44.89  (4)
Rubens Kids Tim
Rubens Kids Jonathan
Rubens Kids Mimmi
£44.89  (2)
Rubens Kids Oliver
£44.89  (1)
Grimms earth
£21.95  (13)
Grimms Tower Leafs
£8.45  (8)
Grimms Fire
£21.95  (16)
Grimms Rattle Hexagonal
Moulin Roty Assorted Tartempois Rattles
£18.12  (1)
Bigjigs Bruno Activity Ball
Green Toys Rattle Keys
£7.99  (1)
Grimms 10 Dwarfs with beard
Moulin Roty Assorted Rattles
Moulin Roty Dog ring rattle
Moulin Roty Les Pachats Grey mouse doll
£29.95  (1)
Moulin Roty Sheep doll
Oli & Carol Carlito Vanilla
Grimms Pacifier Chain, Rainbow Colours
£13.50  (1)
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Beautiful Soft Rattles and Baby Toys for Newborns

At Babame we want to help you fill your child's toy box with toys that are engaging and inspiring, educational and fun, as well as beautiful, natural and ethical. We have an amazing range of natural , beautiful soft toys, soft rattles and soothers that are perfect for babies as they begin to explore the world around them. 

We've hand-picked some of the best newborn toys available from suppliers we trust. Handmade wooden toys and stunning gifts for newborns.

Gifts for Newborns

Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty's gorgeous range of newborn toys includes soft toys, comforters and soft rattles that will stimulate the senses and provide comfort and entertainment. Many of their newborn baby toys contain lots of different textures to explore, colours to provide visual stimulation and lots of the toys have rattles to shake or things to chew on while teething. Perfect as baby shower gifts these toys will become firm favourites for years. 

Oil and Carol

We love the Oil and Carol natural baby toys. Their retro designs are made with 100% natural rubber and hand painted using food graded dyes making these some of the best teething toys around. Plus these all natural teething baby toys are also great for bath time, sensory play and make lovely decorative items when they are not being played with. 

Wooden Toys and Teethers

As well as soft teething toys for babies that are great for soothing painful gums, we also stock wooden teething baby toys. These eco teething toys, like the natural rubber toys, are totally safe for babies to chew on, toxin-free and environmentally friendly. Some babies prefer the firmer texture of these all natural wooden baby toys, and it might stop them biting at the furniture.

Rubens Barn Dolls

You may also be excited to know that the Reubens Barn Cutie and Baby dolls are both suitable from birth. These classic baby toys will become your child's favourite companion. Helping them sleep and accompanying them on all their adventures. As they grow these dolls become perfect for role play, they'll be feeding and changing them long after they are out of nappies themselves. 

Wobbel Boards

Also suitable from birth, with adult supervision, of course, are the amazing Wobbel Boards. These would make a great first Christmas gift if you are looking for something that baby will grow into or a lovely gift from the family that will last their whole lives rather than just a few months.

The Wobbel is a soothing rocker, a lovely place to read stories, a step, a ramp, a slide, a skateboard, a pirate ship and many more things besides. Perfect for developing gross motor skills, balance and inspiring imaginative play we think every home should have a Wobbel. 

Enjoy browsing the range of , rattles and teethers. And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are a friendly bunch and we know a lot about toys. 

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