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24 March 2019  |  Admin

Most Baby Lists online, list out a whole host of items that you just don’t need!

We didn't want this to be another one of ‘those’ lists. So instead, we asked YOU, the Baba Me customers for your thoughts what are the essentials you need to raise your baby naturally?

What you felt were your top 10 essentials:

1. Stretchy baby wrap for newborn followed by a baby carrier.
2. Reusable baby wipes.
3. Muslins
4. A good support feeding cushion
5. A tardis changing bag.
6. Chocolate!
7. Reusable Nappies.
8. Reusable Coffee Cup (so new parents actually get a hot drink!) & a water bottle for those mammoth feeding sessions.
9. White noise baby toy.
10. A nice nice organic skin barrier balm like lyonsleaf baby balm.

Here is a summary of what you, our lovely customers told us were the essentials (you can follow this conversation in full in our facebook group!).

Emma B: Stretchy then buckle carrier. Reusable baby wipes were def my ultimate buy!

Allie M : Sling and Chocolate!

Sarah R Said: Newborn nappies, Muslin swaddles, a good support feeding cushion, stretchy wrap then buckles. An amazing diaper bag/tardis. Reusable wipes for face/hands and bum.

Samantha M : Chocolate - definitely chocolate. How else are you supposed to get through the days and remain sane! I also think reusable wipes are underrated! Xx

Kat S : Cloth nappies, cloth wipes, grimms grasper/plan toys keys...

Deborah M : Cloth nappies and wipes, sling, insulated cup, chocolate

Lynsey K : Boobs ������ And cloth nappies!

Natasha G : Carrier! Adore my lillebaby. Muslin squares and lots of them. A good swaddle wrap and white noise is a godsend! Currently, on baby no.4 who is 3 months old and these are what get me through a day with 3 under 3 and a stroppy 10-year-old!

Sinead L: Reusable wipes, Reusable nappies, Sleeping bag, Baby sling, Breast pump or bottles/formula, Teething toys!, Rainbow mug for all the coffee. A bouncer! My eldest would only sleep in her bouncer

Niamh O : A Fosh cup/insulated bottle so you can have a drink at hand for your self.

Kayleigh L : A baby carrier. Klean Kanteen (had ours since 10mo). Reusable wipes (even if like me, you can only manage them for hands and faces). Muslin Cloths.

Emma H : Sling, my Fosh- to actually get a hot coffee x

Gemma E : Lillebaby Carrier for sure! Best thing I bought when I had a second child. Then I had a hand free for the firstborn ������

Sara H : Cloth wipes, nappies and a sling! The trifecta of a new baby!

Keeley K : Definitely a carrier, one of the reusable coffee cups to increase your chances of having a hot drink (and you could make one before going to bed to have during night feeds ��) cloth nappies, wipes, large changing bag, mum treats that are easy to eat one handed, lots of muslins, swing chair/bouncer, teddy/app that plays white noise....

Gemma C : Swaddles!! We used muslin ones. Stretchy wrap. A fosh for the night feeds. And definitely definitely white noise! My 21 month old still sleeps with it

Nikki H : Family, friends, -minded people, a stretchy wrap, the ability to wee whilst being watched from this day forth, patience, a good book, candles, a good husband and above all else love, love and love x

Toni C : Happy wipes �� boob and more boob ����

Natasha G : Oh forgot to mention the moulin Roty teddy that she absolutely loves. I sleep with it the night before I need to leave her and when she gets upset without me this can be used to help settle her xx

Filipa M : I have to say sling too. And muslins, reusable wipes, boobs, 100%cotton clothes, colourful knitted blankets...

Hellen B : Stretchy, then buckles, hospital grade breast pump, cocoonababy to aid sleeping at a 45 degree angle. Reusable wipes. Mama and dadas arms. A sh*t tonne of muslins and clothes for poonarmies and vom sessions/milk kisses. And loads of love ������

Helen P : Netflix and boob �� And a stretchy wrap

Zoe N : For us it was reusable wipes. She couldn't tolerate anything else due to bad eczema so they were a lifesaver

Lucinda B : Sling! Hand cream for you.

Linda B : �� Grapes are natural, right?

Aoife T : Sling and boobs ��

Charlene J : muslin clothes, cloth nappies, nice organic skin barrier balm, an insulated cup for mama to have nice warm beverages, a lillebaby carrier, x
Natasha H : An insulated bottle so you can actually have a hot drink every once in a while. A truck load of chocolate to get you through the late night feeds. A million muslins to clean up all the baby sick. Don’t bother getting dressed, you’ll only be covered in puke in 5 minutes. Cloth nappies, so at least you can smile at the cute prints before you nearly hurl at what’s inside it. Did I miss anything?

Kelly P : An amber necklace and a stretchy wrap

Laura Sheids : Buckle carrier, reusable wipes, wet bag, water bottle for mama to stay hydrated. Warrior deodorant cream so you smell fresh even in the pits of exhaustion.

Amy B : Boobs. That is all...

Chloe D : A relationship with your bundle from day one is formed breastfeeding is amazing but doesn't work for every mummy so natural or not you are loving and nourishing you sweetheart in your own way cloth nappies are amazing if you can do them and the reusable wipes are the best ever a lillebaby carrier is a lifesaver and for mummy definitely plenty of pretty CSP pads and moisturiser and chocolate as a pick me up after the huge output your body has gone through.

Michelle D : Boobs, insulated cup (only way I get a hot cup of coffee). And chocolate. Lots of chocolate

Alice P : Boobs, babywearing, Babame and a smile

Rachael P : Best decision Ii ever made was to formule feed as my husband could help and the bond you both get is amazing!!!!! mind you loving an active toddler now who loves sticks ad bunnies!

Rose : Milkies as my 3year old calls them (boobs) and learning to trust in yourself and listen to your instincts. Support and love from those around you always helps too. Of course, nappies, wipes, sling, vests/ sleepsuits, water bottle for yourself, snacks, a good book for the night/cluster feeds. ��

Mia P : Carrier/wrap for 4th trimester and attachment parenting, Reusable cloth nappies / wipes, night / maternity CSP for mum. Bamboo breast pads, Chocolate for breastfeeding calories, KK with cafe cap for by the bed at night and to throw in the baby bag by day, a Chilly - drink water , lots of water and then drink more. BF made me thirsty beyond belief. Natural hand cream, Burts Bees baby products. Muslins - I never realised just how many. Sick, poop, opposite boob let down �� Moulin Routy Comforter. Grimms Grasper. Gin! ����

Jessica A : Sling, boobs, lansinoh, washable breast pads, Fosh, cloth wipes, muslins, CSP, moulin roty comforter.

Diane H : A lot less then we expect! I've cut back with each child and we still don't use most of it. Can I say sleep? We all need to sleep. Everything's pretty much well covered already :)

Julie G : Klean Kanteen for a Rosamund and Ivy hot choc during night feeds. Chilli bottle for day feeds, to keep hydrated. Boc and Roll for a pre prepped daytime snack when you don't get a chance to make one! And a sling so you can do the hoovering and walk the dog!!

Aisha: Sling boobs lansinoh breast pads.... Fosh!

Emer : Boobs, a good carrier/sling, a kk for the tea, and good people around you to support you in all of the above. Be that your partner, your friends, your mother and toddler group, or whoever, find your people.

Lisa P : A puppy!!!!! �� Well, this is what we thought, however, I distinctly remember the smug look on my significant others face as he left at 5.30am for work and I was left with an 8-week border collie and a 3-month-old baby. They are now inseparable though, one boy and his dog and get up to all sorts of mischief together!

Kelly G : Muslin cloths and plenty of them, perfect for when baby spits up, I constantly had one over my shoulder with the first two ��. Oh and if your breast feeding then lasinoh will become your best friend.......thrush ��

Dee : Closeness, patience, love for your baby and each other, cosleeper, monitor and cosy bags and blankets

Roxi : Boob or milk warmer �� chocolate, helpful hubby to cook, video monitor and groblinds

Jean : Muslins, washable breast pads, swaddling blanket, sling and a donut to sit on ����

Cassandra : Sling and reusable wipes and breast pads (which can be used for a multitude of things after initial use)!!! And chocolate and a reusable bottle of water next to you all the time!!!

Pippa : Cloth nappies, muslins, wipes, comfy bra, pads, sling, chocolate and magic sleepy dust, if anyone ever finds / sources / sells this elusive stuff they'll make a killing!

Rebecca : Breasts, muslins, washable breast pads, cloth nappies, cloth wipes, wet bags, a stretchy sling, cellular blankets, vests, sleepsuits, knitted cardigans, a woolly hat, chocolate for mummy, a water bottle, a feeding pillow, comfy pyjamas that button up on the front, CSP and a brilliant husband!!

Rachel L: Boobs... comfy, absorbable breast pads... vest tops... muslins... sling/structured carrier... electric breast pump to keep going with the breastfeeding through tough big purchases for my second were reusable wipes (swear by bamboo and minky!) and a whole lot of Grimms and Heimess wooden graspers and teethers. Then, obviously a whole lot of chocolate, a Klean canteen to keep your brews warm and babame to continue to shrink your bank balance as your baby grows!! !

Maria : Sling, cloth nappies, nipple cream, good breast pump (from experience hand pumps are crap - I needed a pump to increase supply) soother/dummy/doudie whatever you call it. I breastfed and used one. Wouldn’t have been without it. You definitely *don’t* need all the Johnson and Johnson baby lotions and potions. I still have unused bottles knocking about. A nice soft swaddle blanket.

Nadja : Boobies, cloth nappies, sling, hammock and lots of love - for everything else you can actually use breast milk ����

Claire : Boobies, blankets and nappies

Faye : Only one thing you need and my god I wish i had known about it before and just after I had my cheeky monkey.... this site! It’s got pretty much everything you want and need. Job done

Genni : A sling to permanently attach them to the boob ��

To finish, this pretty much sums up my thoughts…

Rachel : Love! Boobs, bottles, wood toys, plastic toys, reusable or disposable nappies it doesn’t matter. As long as you make the decisions with Love then you are doing the right thing and you should be proud. Raising a baby naturally is all about making choices right for you, your baby,

Your family and your sanity. Fortunately whatever choices mummies to be make, baba me has so many lovely things to make it a little easier xx good luck mummies you can do this! And wine! Always wine ��

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