Hospital Bag Checklist

5 January 2006  |  Admin

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag - A Complete Checklist

We recommend getting your back ready from about week 36 onwards and don't be caught out like Maebh (the owner of Baba Me) who on baby no.3, ran out of time. Having worked up until the day before the due date, she had planned to do it the very next day. Being super relaxed, as all of her babies had been at least a week late, and being an 'old timer' on baby no.3 she felt she knew what she was doing! HA! Babies have a way of surprising all of us, even Mrs Baba Me! When her waters broke that evening, she left the packing of the bag to Mr Baba Me... Normally a calm, organised kind of fella, he went into a blind panic! (In fairness to him, baby no.2 had arrived 2 minutes after the waters breaking so he was totally convinced baby no.3 was seconds away and was NOT impressed with Mrs Baba Me asking him to suddenly pack a bag!!

Long story short, on arriving at the hospital, Mrs Baba Me had a hospital bag. It was packed. Full of dirty laundry. Yep, Mr Baba Me, for reasons he is still not entirely sure of, decided to pack the dirty laundry in case Mrs Baba Me would need it whilst giving birth. Maebh laughs now, trust me, she didn't that night! All she had at the hospital was dirty towels, dirty tea towels, and used underwear. It's an entertaining story now, that night in labour, Mrs Baba Me was not impressed!

So, don't do a Mr Baba Me, have the bag ready!

We recommend having:
Your medical notes & birth plan ready and in there.
Socks, your feet can get cold in labour.
Dressing gown & nightdresses.
Lip Balm
Body Lotion.
Water spray and sponge.
Entertainment. (Books, music, a phone).
Mobile phone charger.
Maternity pads - great time to use reusable pads which are much softer and more comfortable.
Comfortable underwear.
Nursing bras.
Toiletries - hairbrush, natural deodorant, toothbrush, natural toothpaste, natural soap etc.
Clothes for home!
Snacks, Chocolate, and drinks.
Baby clothes (grows, vests, socks)
Baby Blanket - muslins are ideal.
Nappies - newborn reusable nappies, wetbags and reusable baby wipes.
Car Seat

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