Zero Waste Travel Toiletries: 11 Eco-Friendly Travel Products You NEED!

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The ultimate guide to going green on your next trip

Do you want to experience the world without leaving a trace? Eco Travel is one of the best ways to explore new places and cultures and along with your reusable coffee cups and water bottles, consider these plastic free alternatives on your travel checklist. But with all those plastic bottles and disposable items, it can be hard to truly go green on your next trip. We've compiled some eco-friendly toiletries that will help keep your luggage light and reduce waste when you're travelling abroad or across town!

A lot of people are starting to embrace the idea of sustainability. They don't want to contribute to the amount of waste that gets thrown away every day, and they want to be more conscious about what they buy. We all know how difficult it can be when you're trying to pack for a trip and also try not to add any extra weight or take up too much space in your bag. This blog post will discuss some eco-friendly bathroom products that we recommend you bring on your next trip!

Why Zero Waste Travel Toiletries are Important

Zero waste travel toiletries are important because they help reduce the amount of trash you'll create while travelling. They also make great gifts for friends and family members who love to travel!

So what exactly is a zero-waste travel product?

Zero Waste products are items that have minimal impact on our planet, including no plastic packaging, sustainable materials, minimal product packaging, and no disposable components. Plastic waste is a huge issue and it's unfair to visit a beautiful destination (or indeed any destination) and leave your trash behind you. Leave no trace is a great mantra to follow in life.

Zero Waste Toiletries for Travel: Our Top 11 Eco-Friendly Products for You to Try

Included in this list are zero waste travel toiletry products that you can try while on the road or at home!

  1. Soap Bar
  2. Shower Gel Block
  3. Shampoo Bar
  4. Conditioner Bar
  5. Bamboo Toothbrush
  6. Toothpaste Tablets
  7. Mouthwash tablets
  8. Menstrual cup
  9. Shaving Soap
  10. Plastic Free Deodorant
  11. Body Butter Bar

Plastic-Free Soap Bar

A soap bar is a really simple zero waste and eco-friendly alternative to liquid soap. They are the perfect travel companion as they are lightweight, easy to use and fit in your hand luggage.

Soap bars are small which makes them easy to fit in pockets or bags without taking up much space. Soap bars are the best zero waste toiletry and a must-have in your toiletry kit! Tea tree soap is naturally anti-bacterial and may be a good call depending on where you are travelling to! 

We recommend bringing a travel soap case, such as the hydrophil soap case to store your soap bar in.

Plastic Free Shower Gel Block

Instead of buying liquid shower gel that comes in a plastic bottle, we recommend using our zero waste alternative - the Shower Gel Block! It's made from organic ingredients such as cocoa butter and coconut oil, plus it's cruelty-free and vegan friendly. It weighs less than 75 grams so you can take it in your hand luggage on the plane too!

This product is great! You get all of the benefits of a liquid body wash without having to worry about using up so much more plastic by buying one every time you go on vacation or even just need something in your gym bag. This soap will save both money and waste from going into landfills, plus it doesn't have any harsh chemicals that might irritate sensitive skin as some other brands do.

These are an ideal plastic-free body wash and again no need for tons of plastic bottles in your toiletry bag. If you are really stuck for space a multi-purpose soap that will cover hair, face & body is the perfect travel toiletry.

Solid Shampoo Bar

Your hair can really suffer on holiday and the last thing it might need is the free, chemical-laden shampoo given in some hotels. Once you have transitioned to a plastic-free shampoo bar, they are the ideal travel toiletry for your toiletry bag.

No need to haul half-empty bottles anymore - a zero waste shampoo bar is great for your hair and also the environment. The ingredients are all-natural, there is no plastic packaging or bottles involved in this product!

Shampoo bars are a great option for travellers because they last longer, use less plastic packaging and still get the job done. Shampoo bars can have all of the same ingredients found in liquid shampoo but without being watered down or containing chemicals that you may not want on your travels like sulfates which strip away essential oils from hair leaving it dryer than normal.

With these many benefits from using it at home or when travelling, there's no reason not to give them a shot! We even have some mini travel shampoo bars for you to try! Other great hair products for travel include a wooden hair brush which will keep your locks tangle free without any extra lotions needed!

Conditioner Bar

Just like our shampoo bar, we've also a zero-waste conditioner bar! This little guy will keep your locks healthy and conditioned without the need for another plastic bottle. It's perfect if you want to cut out extra plastic from your life and also help the environment! When travelling your hair might be exposed to more sun and harsh conditions so these little bars will be your new best friend!

Unlike bottles of wet, messy liquids that can spill or be confiscated at the airport, this bar lasts forever. It requires no water so it's very portable-just slip into your bag without worrying about spills! This solid conditioner doesn't contain any chemicals or petroleum products which makes it friendly for sensitive hair types. An all in one shampoo conditioner bar may save more space if you a really stuck! 

Bamboo Toothbrush

A toothbrush is a must-have on any trip, so why not use one that has been produced with eco-friendly materials? These eco toothbrushes are made from biodegradable natural bamboo and will compost down, ideal for any travel destination. They're also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 100% recyclable and 0% plastic!

We like the idea of using a bamboo toothbrush because it doesn't leave any plastic waste behind.

You can also get a travel bamboo toothbrush holder to keep your toothbrushes safe on their journey!

Toothpaste Tablets

These eco-friendly travel products are great for keeping your teeth clean and healthy! Our toothpaste tablets are made from natural ingredients like coconut oil, organic mints, xylitol and calcium carbonate. They come in a metal tin that's ideal to pop into your toiletries bag, no more leaking toothpaste all over your travel toiletries!

You can carry toothpaste tablets in your pocket. These are easy to use and you don't need water or a brush when using them. This makes it great for people who travel as they will not have access to running tap water at all times of the day.

A toothpaste tablet is a perfect solution for anyone who hates carrying a bulky travel-sized tube of toothpaste. It's small and convenient, so you don't have to worry about finding room in your luggage or toiletry bag while you're travelling. You also won't need any water (so can be used during air flights or in destinations without a safe water supply).

The only downside? Erm... if you find one let me know!

Mouthwash Tablets

These eco-friendly travel mouthwash tablets are perfect for keeping your breath fresh during travels. Made from organic ingredients like aloe, peppermint and spearmint oils - they'll keep you feeling refreshed after every meal!

You can also take zero waste dental floss, that comes in refillable containers. Eco-Friendly floss can be hard to find, and whilst some options come in a glass jar, we don't recommend these for travelling. Leave them in your bathroom and switch the floss over to a reusable container like a metal tin.

Menstrual Products

If you have a period when travelling the last thing you want to do is be faffing with disposable single-use menstrual products like pads or tampons. If you don't know what your bathroom facilities will be like, it really may not be an option to take reusable menstrual pads. Don't get us wrong, we love organic reusable cotton pads and period panties.. we just acknowledge that it may not be that easy to travel with them!

However, there are plastic-free alternatives when on your period that actually make the best option! A menstrual cup!

It's perfect for women who are looking to reduce their waste and avoid using tampons or pads - simply empty them when needed. They come in different sizes. It's great for your body as it won't cause any irritation and is made from medical grade silicone that can last up to ten years!

Shaving Soap

Many travellers find that shaving while on holiday can be a difficult process as the water seems to dry out your skin. We recommend trying our zero waste travel products alternative - shaving soap! It'll give you an extra close shave and result in smoother skin after every shave.

Natural Deodorant

Deodorant in a cardboard stick or a metal tin is also a great zero waste item for your zero waste toiletry bag. They are plastic-free and usually paraben-free, aluminium free and free from any toxins and nasties.

Body Butter Bar

A body butter bar is a great all-around moisturiser and will save you from carrying tons of lotions and potions! Use this with a facial soap bar instead of lotions and cotton rounds for a great eco travel experience!

If you need bug spray, bring some in a recyclable and refillable plastic container, which you can reuse time and time again.

If you have any zero waste toiletries tips then please post your comments below! We would love to hear about your favourite travel toiletry item.

Toiletry Bag

You may have other zero waste toiletries in your bag that you need to bring along. Switch from plastic cotton buds to biodegradable buds. Reusable makeup is another great zero waste option. You can still have your beauty regime whilst using zero waste toiletries, you can use facial soap bars which are super kind to your skin, and conditioner bars full of argan oil for your hair instead of spray. We hope this has helped with some ideas for your zero waste travel toiletry bag! 

Zero waste travel toiletries are a great way to reduce your eco-footprint when you're on the road. You can use toothpaste tablets, mouthwash tablets, shaving soap and natural deodorant without having to worry about running tap water or disposing of any single-use plastics.

If you want more sustainable options for your beauty routine while travelling, try facial soap bars instead of cotton pads and conditioner bars that will give your hair lots of extra hydration. All you need is a body butter bar to help moisturize your skin, and floss which comes in refillable containers.

Enjoy your sustainable travels! We hope you have some great tips for practical light carry on toiletries!

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