nkuku lands at Baba Me!

nkuku comes to baba me

Nkuku lands at Baba Me!

I must admit, having this iconic, stylish brand arrive was a bit of an oooh moment for me. I have admired this brand for a long while. When we decided, as a company, to ‘grow up’, I very much envisioned this brand being part of our product line up.

Nkuku at its very heart is a stylish home and lifestyle products business. However, it's not just a run of the mill shop. It's a sustainable business which produces amazing contemporary fair trade, eco-friendly products. It harnesses traditional skills and natural materials. It uses sustainable methods and works directly with skilled artisans to produce iconic design, fit for any 21st-century eco-home.

Nkuku takes a very hands-on approach when it comes to their products. They only work with fair trade co-operatives and artisans. However, they also help smaller new cooperatives along the Fairtrade certification path. They help them do what is needed to achieve the high ethical standards required for fair trade businesses. They are socially responsible and ensure that not only do their workers have high living standards, their premium helps the poorer communities improve their lives. A full list of all the community initiatives they have been involved with is listed on their website. They also help the smaller producers in Africa and India, and all the countries they work with, in building a sustainable business to supply them.

The company, based in South Devon, make beautifully handmade homeware. Each item is unique and usually made from recycled materials. Whether it is mango wood, recycled glass or woven saris, each of their materials must be sustainable, recycled and eco-friendly.

If you are moving into a new home, their homeware accessories have a timeless design which will fit the most contemporary decor. Most of the range would make a perfect new home gift. Their beautiful wooden bowls, picture frames or even brass lanterns are ideal for turning a house into a home. 

If you are looking for wedding inspiration gifts, then the nkuku ceramics dinner service range is perfect. Browse the full range of the nkuku Kitchen & Dining products, for amazing recycled wine glasses and gorgeous double sided chopping boards. Who knew chopping onions could be so stylish! Or perhaps some contemporary designs photo frames, perfect for framing their special day with.

If you are looking for a contemporary teachers gift, something a little different from the usual run of the mill mugs and chocolate, I recommend you browse our nkuku accessories range. What teacher would say no to a fairtrade bookmark or brass paperclip!

Nkuku are passionate about handmade products. They travel extensively and these travels inspire them as age-old techniques are passed from generation to generation. Each handmade item is unique, which makes it much more special than mass-produced products. Handmade captures a specialness from the artisan, something that machines can never recreate.

What nkuku do is to embrace these skills, use them, learn from them and work with the artisan to produce modern fair trade homeware which will enhance any home. We have run through a few of the products that Baba Me stock on the video below. We hope you love this brand as much as we do. But I must admit I'm not sure which I love more, their ethics or their contemporary designs?

To win some store credit to spend on these fair trade homewares, tell us which product you would love to grace your home with!