nkuku - Fair Trade home and lifestyle

nkuku home and lifestyle tick are a beautiful, high-quality ethical brand. Based in rural Devon they have a passion for ensuring that artisans worldwide are brought, fairly, to a much wider audience. The name comes from a Zambian hut and they ensure they work with independent businesses, social projects and co-operatives to forge strong business relationships working towards mutual success.

nkuku means ethical business, fair trade and eco-friendly. They adhere to the 10 principles of Fair Trade and help many of their small suppliers meet the fair trade standard. They work with natural and recycled materials and ensure their whole supply chain is sustainable. Much of their material is gathered from the waste of other industries and you will find recycled cotton, leather, metals and glass in their base.

nkuku also means small artisans, handmade products, each unique and telling its own story. Traditional skills that have been handed down in families for generations are now being harnessed and brought to a wider audience and protected for generations to come. If you want mass market blandness, then this is not the brand for you

nkuku Artisan Homeware

Our range of nkuku beautifully handmade homeware and lifestyle products are the perfect way to update your home in ethical style. The contemporary design and natural materials also make wonderful eco-friendly gifts for friends and family.

Fair Trade Products by Nkuku

All nkukus products are ethical, fairly traded, eco-friendly and handmade. Made from recycled or natural materials using traditional artisan skills.

nkuku is a socially responsible, sustainable business based in South Devon. Their ethos is to create new and beautiful items with minimal impact on the environment, promote sustainable development and offer equal opportunities employment.

Update your kitchen and dining room with contemporary design and ethical fairtrade style. From hand-blown hammered wine glasses to ceramic dining ware and beautiful mango wood chopping boards perfect for preparing and serving food.

Following the ten principles or fair trade and using only natural or recycled materials nkuku's range of homewares and lifestyle products are not only stunningly beautiful but ethical too. As a socially responsible and sustainable business, they are focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with the makers, as well as constantly looking at their environmental credentials.

So whether you are buying a father's day gift, a wedding gift or a treat for your own home you can be assured of high-quality sustainable products.

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