Noahs Ark Toy

Get Ready to Set Sail on Your Wooden Noah's Ark Set

Children will have hours of fun loading their wooden animals in and out of a beautiful wooden Noah's ark toy. Load the animals two by two on our wide range of wooden noahs ark set before they sail off on an epic adventure around the world. Our range includes quality heirloom pieces which will last generations down to more budget friendly options, something for everyone! Plus there's plenty of room for imaginative play with these toys, sailing across the ocean on epic adventures.

Noah's Ark Set

A childrens Noah's ark toy boat is a classic & traditional toy that will provide hours of education and entertainment for little ones, whether you are religious or not. Children will learn animal names and noises and practice shape and colour recognition as they pair up the animals and sort them through the holes.

You can buy your wooden noahs ark set with the wooden animals included, or some of our sets are just the ark, and you can build up your wooden animal collection over time. You can mix and match your brands, there is no need to be just one brand if you are doing a Noahs ark collection. Your child will love making their own games up with their wooden ark. Our arks come both painted in a bright colour or go for a natural wooden one. Playing with an ark will help improve your childrens social skills and imagination. 

You can even buy a wooden Noah and Noah's wife. We are based in Northern Ireland so there is no customs duty to UK or European customers. 

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