Oil Cleansing Method

What is the oil cleansing method?

Oil cleansing or hot cloth cleansing is essentially just using high-quality oils or a natural oil-based beauty balm to gently break down dirt instead of using harsh foaming cleansers.

Oil cleansing works because like dissolves like. So massaging natural oils into your skin will dissolve hardened dirty oils that are trapped in your pores at the same time as dissolving makeup and other impurities. Using a comfortably hot cloth to then remove the oil opens the pores and gently removes dead skin cells revealing brighter more beautiful skin.

Using oil and a warm cloth will cleanse, nourish, hydrate and exfoliate the skin completely removing makeup, including waterproof mascara, sunscreen and dirt, without drying the skin or stripping it of its natural oils and bacteria.

Using soaps or traditional cleansers, even natural ones will strip the skin of its natural oils which can lead to your skin feeling dry and tight but can also lead to oily skin overcompensating exasperating the problem.

Oil cleansing, using 100% natural oils and natural butters that have been carefully chosen not to block pores, on the other hand, will help balance the skin. This means that oil cleansing works for all skin types including dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin.

How to oil cleanse

When choosing to oil cleanse the method is just as important as the product you use.

  • Step 1. Start with dry skin (both face and hands) and warm a small blob of beauty balm or cleansing oil in your hands. Apply to the skin and gently massage for at least a minute, focusing on any problem areas. There’s no need to remove makeup first as the oil cleanser will do this.
  • Step 2. Run a clean flannel or muslin under hot (but not too hot) water, ring out and apply to the face, leaving for a few seconds to allow the steam to open your pores and gently lift dirt and dead skin cells, you can repeat this a few times. Then use gentle circular motions to remove the oil or balm without scrubbing the skin.
  • Step 3. Admire your beautiful skin. Pat skin dry with a towel and apply a little more of the oil, beauty balm or a little moisturiser if you feel you need it.

Don’t be afraid of having the oil on your skin, you want your skin to absorb the oil as this will help draw out dirty oils, dissolve blackheads, and nourish the skin. Many people find they no longer need to moisturise when using this method.

How often should you oil cleanse?

Oil cleanse daily to remove makeup, sunscreen and other dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving your skin feeling, nourished, supple and glowing.

It may take a few days for your skin to adjust, especially if you have blocked pores or particularly dry or greasy skin.

Beauty balm is a great product for both cleansing and moisturising. We discover what is beauty balm and the benefits of water free beauty products here.

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