One Piece - All in One Nappies

All-in-one Nappies or One Piece Nappy System for your Baby

All-in-one cloth Nappies (AIO) are the ones that are exactly 'what it says on the tin'. They're all in one. In appearance, these are the closest to disposable nappies, which often makes them particularly attractive to parents. True AIO's don't require any stuffing, whilst pocket nappies, which fall within one piece cloth nappies, do require to be stuffed prior to use.

All-in-One Nappies - Simple Cloth Nappy Systems!

We love one piece cloth nappies at Baba Me. Just like disposables, you change the entire piece at change time. There is no separate waterproof wrap, it is sewn into the all in one. In this section, we include all types of one piece systems, including all in ones, aios, hybrids & pockets.

Is BumGenius the Best AIO Nappy System?

BumGenius has dominated this market since its launch in 2006, and with good reason. Their stretchy tabs expand and fit perfectly around your baby, providing a super fit, making this a star choice! You can choose their organic nappy, the elemental or the stay dry which wicks the wet away, the freetime. Or their Littles nappy for your newborn. Is it the star? Yes, probably. If Carlsberg made nappies, they would make bumGenius!

Are Pocket Nappies an AIO System? Whats the story?

Pocket nappies, once they are made up go on your baby as a one-piece, being changed at once. However, you do have to prepare these to make them an AIO, by putting their inserts into the pocket part. Once they are prepared, they are a one piece system. Hence why they are included here and not listed elsewhere. We like to keep things real easy!

How to Select the best Nappy kit for your baby - We narrow down the options for your newborn

If you are unsure which options to go for, don't panic, just fill in our advice questionnaire and we will sort you out with the best system for you!

Everything You Need for your Eco Cloth System Kits

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