Open-Ended Toys for 5 Year Olds

Toys for 5 Year Old

At 5 years old children still need ready access to open-ended toys that facilitate child-led play and allow for maximum creativity and imagination as children play. These open-ended toys for 5-year-olds are a great alternative to screen time and the more passive toys that children will often choose at this age if they are given half a chance.

Building Toys for 5 Year Olds

Building toys come in all shapes and sizes and offer all sorts of opportunities for open-ended play for children of all ages.

Building blocks like wooden Grimms building sets are great for children of all ages. They are a classic open-ended toy and work brilliantly as they can be played with in lots of different ways. The classic Grimms Rainbow really comes into its own at this age as children start to be able to manage many of the more complex balancing structures, as well as getting creative in using the rainbow in a large number of ways as they play, for example as an animal pen or a bridge.

Marble runs are another type of building toy that is great for 5-year-olds and they are open-ended in the sense that they can be built in lots of different ways.

A similar concept can be found in the Djeco Zig and Go toys. These fabulous sets work around the concepts of action and reaction. They are great STEM toys looking at gravity, velocity and momentum and help children boost their problem-solving ability and critical thinking as well as improving their fine motor skills and dexterity.

And the best thing about these kinds of toys is that they are great for really engaging children for extended periods and they are fun for grownups as well.

Small World Play

Whether they are into animals, dolls houses, firefighters or dinosaurs at the age of five there is still plenty of opportunity for encouraging children to engage in small world play.

Animals and figures are great for open-ended play especially if they are not too character-specific. Creating little worlds for children to play in is a great fun activity and can be a great opportunity for playing together and learning as well.

Role Play Toys

At five years children are also still very into playing role-play games. This could include a toy kitchen or other mini versions of real-life items such as tools, fancy dress items, or role-play kits such as the doctor’s kits, vets kits and hairdressing kits.

Arts and Crafts Materials

Drawing, painting, sticking and cutting are all great ways of exploring creativity and liberating the imagination. Children get a huge amount out of creating marks on paper at every age and having these materials available to them is a wonderful way to facilitate open-ended play.

Wooden Train Sets and Other Transport Toys

There is something wonderful about a train set and many five-year-olds will already have one that perhaps hasn’t been played with for a while. If you have a train set gathering dust this is a great age to get it out again as at this age they are much better able to figure out how to build the tracks in a more imaginative and creative way and bring in more small world play alongside the joy of the trains going round and round.


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