Oscha describe themselves as wrap artists, and it is clear to see why. Pronounced O-sha these are works of art, divine high quality wraps which make baby carrying a joy for all. Simply beautiful. Soft. Perfect.

The fabric for each Oscha sling is woven in UK and Ireland and then hand crafted in Scotland to form the works of art which they are.

Oscha slings can be used to carry your baby from birth onwards. They are highly adjustable, durable and unique. With use, they will gradually soften, becoming almost silky. Your Oscha Sling comes with a handy bag and packs up small to carry with you anywhere: a practical essential for everyday life with your little one!

Oscha Slings

Oscha are a family business with a strong tradition of artistry & craftsmanship. They select fabric blends, patterns and colourways, and create custom designs to make exclusive slings. The result is an exquisite, luxurious babywearing sling that is long-lasting and reliable as well as soft and stylish.

They innovated the concept of the 'wrap Collection' to link the colours and blends of our fabric with lyrical and imaginative concepts drawn from local and global traditions as well as the landscape. Thus enriching the carriers with a rich tapestry of meanings and imagery from nature and culture.

The linen for their art and gradation dyed slings is sourced from a traditional manufacturer in Ireland, where it is woven on a famous old loom. Irish linen is amongst the finest in the world, with its finely spun yarn, its softness and strength. Oscha then hand dye the linen using high-quality dyes to ensure long- lasting vibrant colour.

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