Ostheimer Castle and Fairytale Figures

Discover the magical world of Ostheimer castle and fairytale figures

Ostheimers range of castle pieces and fairytale figures will inspire your children to explore a magical world of fantasy, myth and legend, letting their imaginations run free and their creativity blossom.


These gorgeous toys are made with love and a real desire to create toys that will enrich children’s world and make them more beautiful. They also provide a natural beauty that is a wonderful connection to the natural world, from the texture and grain of the wood that is both tactile and visible, to the simple forms of the animals and figures themselves.

The castle pieces are large, solid, individual elements that can really be used to bring fairytales and children’s fantasies to life. Start with a tower for a princess, a portcullis to defend or a wishing well in the forest and build your collection as much or as little as you desire.

Or if you like you can buy the basic castle starter set and have a whole castle ready for your knights to defend. Because the elements are all separate the castle can be built in multiple ways and you can add in additional elements any time you wish.

There’s a magical unicorn, a frog king, seven dwarfs, fairies, a fire breathing dragon, little red riding hood to name but a few. As well as wolves, deer, badgers, and other woodland animals.

You can use these fairytale figures to make story sacks of your favourite tales as a great starting point for imaginative play and watch as your children dive into a world of magic, whimsy and delight.

We love adding play silks, coloured blankets, wooden trees, and items from nature such as pebbles and pinecones. And of course, you can mix and match with other brands such as Holztiger and Grimms.

This video gives a wonderful look at a good range of the Ostheimer fairytale figures and castle pieces which, as you can see are really big and chunky.

Beautiful heirloom toys

Ostheimer have been making wooden toys, by hand, for over 70 years and they are more popular now than ever before as more and more people discover the natural beauty of such thoughtfully designed toys.

These are more expensive than mass-produced items and they have an individuality and magic that just can’t be compared to more mass-produced items. And because fairytales don’t change from one generation to the next these really are toys that will be loved for years and years.

And because they are so beautiful these are toys that you’ll love having in your home. They deserve to be displayed, and we think you’ll probably have just as much fun setting them up at the end of the day as your children will have while they play with them.

And the beauty doesn’t stop with castles, knights, princesses and dragons. Discover the natural beauty of Ostheimer animals as well.

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