Ostheimer Wooden Animals for Toddlers


Fantastic Toys for Kids

Ostheimer wooden animals have been very much designed for children. They are chunky and tactile with contoured edges that are perfect for little hands to feel and hold.

All the animals are made of wood, painted with non-toxic stains and finished with organic oils so they are perfectly safe for children, even if they end up in their mouths.

The range includes a huge variety of animals so you can pick a theme like a farmyard, woodland, or safari animals. Or just pick the ones you think your child will love the most.

Creating story sacks is a great place to start if you are not sure which animals to buy. A Squash and a Squeeze is great for toddlers, and Ostheimer does a ready-made stackable set of The Town Musicians of Bremen. Dear Zoo is another popular choice and gives a great variety of animals. And if you just want to start with one why not choose we're going on a bear hunt.

One thing to consider is that some of the animals, like the duckling, chick and mouse, are really dinky and so not recommended for children under 3 years, and there are others such as the unicorn and dragon that could be easily damaged and so are better left until children are a bit older.

Another key feature of Ostheimer animals is that they are made to be as simple as possible. They have minimal features meaning that it is up to your child to inject personality and life into the characters.

Again this is a conscious choice by Ostheimer as it means that the toys are not dictating how they are being played with but instead, a child's imagination can run free. This is a stark contrast to many modern plastic toys that are designed for one purpose. They have lights, noises and buttons that entertain children but do not encourage free thought, creativity and imagination in the same way that simple wooden toys do.

The lack of distraction allows children to keep their mind clear as they imagine new scenarios and solve problems. These might be simple problems such as the horse it hungry, what can I use as hay for it to eat? But thinking in this way builds vital pathways in the brain that will help them with bigger problems in later life.

Wooden toys are both durable and timeless

Although you may buy Ostheimer animals for your toddlers part of their beauty is that they will be loved and played with for years. As your child's narrative ability grows they will be incorporated into ever more elaborate stories, and they make the most stunning decorative displays.

Wooden toys are also generally far more durable. These animals are handcrafted from solid hardwood, and even if they do get broken most of the time they can be glued back together or simply have the rough edges sanded down.

They are also timeless, animals are animals and will always have a fascination for children, making them the perfect heirloom toy to keep for future generations.

And once you've collected the animals check out the Ostheimer castle and fairytale figures.