Our Favourite Dollhouse Accessories

Dollhouse accessories are often fine additions to children's dollhouse collections. They add another layer of fun to playing with dollhouses. Children love having a variety of accessories to furnish their dollhouse rooms, and there are many out there that will delight both parents and children alike.

These playsets are also good for learning and development. When children decorate or furnish their dollhouses with accessories and furniture, they are using their imagination and creativity as well as practicing their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and dexterity.

And depending on the accessories, they can learn and expand their knowledge on certain topics and subjects like colours, animals, shapes and more.

So let’s take a look at some of our highly recommended dollhouses accessories.

Tender Leaf Pet Cats Set

A dollhouse isn't a dollhouse without pets. This adorable pet set from Tender Leaf Toys fit right in most exquisite traditional dolls houses, and complete the family. It includes 2 cute pet cats - one black and one ginger. Each of these cats have their own differently coloured bowls which contain their favourite food - fish!

This pet set is a delightful addition to the little girl's dollhouse collection, and the perfect way to help encourage imaginative role play. A quality product from our wonderful Tender Leaf Toys collection, made using only the most sustainable and responsibly sourced materials.

Bigjigs Picnic Bench

The adorable miniature picnic bench from Bigjigs is the perfect dollhouse accessory. It is the perfect size for dolls and is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials. The seats are comfy and perfect for dolls to sit and enjoy their lemonade on a warm summer day. Great for encouraging fun imaginative play.

Tender Leaf Pet Rabbit Set

No dollhouse is complete without pets. With Tender Leaf Toys Pet Rabbit Set, your little one will have a wonderful time playing with her dollhouse. This adorable pet set comes with a rabbit hutch, a carrot, a turnip and a water bottle.

Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop

The Tender Leaf Toys Chicken Coop is the perfect farm animal family. Featuring a rooster and 2 hens, 2 nests, freshly laid eggs, a newly hatched chick and a feeding trough, this charmingly simple collection of wooden animals is designed to mimic a real-life situation. And with its compact size, durable design, and handmade craftsmanship, the whole family can live together in cozy harmony. Perfect accessory set to your child’s dollhouse collection.

Lottie Biscuit the Beagle

Biscuit is a beagle with attitude. She's big and bold, but still has a great desire to play and have fun. Lottie Biscuit the Beagle doll comes with a variety of accessories including a pet bed, a bowl, a leash, a bone and an adorable dog bag for Lottie to carry Biscuit in.

Tender Leaf Pet Dog Set

Tender Leaf Toys The Stables

Tender Leaf Toys The Stables is an adorable wooden dollhouse accessory set featuring a stable, a pair of ponies, hay bale, blankets, a brush and more. All pieces are made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic stains and painted with water-based paints.


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