Our List of the Best Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Thanks to lunch boxes, we have something to put our favourite home-cooked meals before we leave for school or work. These portable food containers, particularly stainless steel lunch boxes, have become popular in recent years. With more governments and organisations pushing to ban plastic use, more people are becoming conscious about the products they use and the food they eat. It does not sound like there is a whole lot of difference between just buying lunch in the cafeteria and bringing your own food. But the fact that you are reducing your waste while potentially improving your eating habits, it is enough to consider using a stainless steel lunch box.

Stainless steel lunch boxes are good choices for food containers. There are a whole lot of reasons why many manufacturers choose stainless steel as the main material for their food containers. Stainless steel does not impart unpleasant flavour or leach harmful chemicals to your food. Additionally, stainless steel is easier to clean. They are sturdy and durable. Even if you drop them on a hard surface, stainless steel lunch boxes do not break easily.

Here’s our short list of the best stainless steel lunch boxes:

A Slice Of Green Bankura Set Of Three Containers

We definitely love A Slice Of Green Bankura Set Of Three Containers. It allows you to bring different kinds of food in 3 separate containers without having to worry about them mixing together. Each container has smooth round edges and is covered with a stainless steel lid. Note that lid cover does not have a plastic seal which means minor leakage is to be expected if used with wet foods. Additionally, these containers are not for use in the microwave.

You can use these containers as food containers for your favourite foods to bring along with you to the office or for storing leftovers in the fridge.

A Slice Of Green Buruni Leak Resistant Two Tier Lunch Box

This is the go to lunch box for people that want to enjoy waste-free lunch. This fantastic stainless steel lunch box consists of two separate containers that can be stacked on top of each other. Ideal for taking home-cooked meals or sandwiches in one container and fruits or bite-sized snacks in the other.

This food container set comes with levered locking clips to ensure that both containers are locked in place and a silicone seal around the inside of the lead to make it more leak resistant that your standard two tier food containers.

A Slice Of Green Yanam - Leak Resistant Lunch Box

To round out our list is A Slice Of Green Yanam - Leak Resistant Lunch Box. This the ideal container for your favourite sandwich, salads, pastas and more. The handy silicone seal around the inside of the lid adds resistance to leaks but note this container is not designed for soups and other liquid foods.


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