Our Top Five Kids Workbenches

Our Top Five Kids Tool Benches

Tool benches are a fabulous toy. They are perfect for encouraging creative and imaginative role play as well as being great for helping toddlers and children practise key skills such as problem-solving, fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination.

Plus children love them, and many will happily spend hours doing pretend odd jobs around the house or building robots, cars and other inventions.

So in no particular order here are our top 5 wooden tool benches for kids.

Indigo Jamm - Little Carpenters Bench

The Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Bench is great for kids who love to hammer, measure and tighten and loosen nuts and bolts over and over again.

The set comes with a saw, hammer, screwdriver, spanner and set square as well as lots of wooden building materials that can either be attached to the bench through the multiple holes or used to build things.

Bigjigs - Powertools Workbench

If your toddler loves it when you get the power tools out then this is the workbench for them.

The nice and compact little bench comes with a cordless drill and a tabletop saw as well as lots of nuts and bolts for perfecting fine motor skills and dexterity.

Kids particularly love carrying their drill around the house fixing everything from the dining room table to your legs.

Tender Leaf - Tender Leaf Tool Bench

If we had to pick a favourite the Tender Leaf Tool Bench would probably be it. Like all Tender Leaf Toys it’s beautifully designed and made and they really have thought of everything.

The Bench itself has a circular saw and removable drill attached, there’s a clamp and a sliding measure to make sure every cut is just right.

We love the fact that the set also includes a little toolbox for carrying your handtools when you need to do odd jobs around the house. Plus there are lots of nuts, bolts, screws and bits of wood to build with and practise those fine motor skills.

Bigjigs - My First Workbench

The Bigjigs My First Workbench is a simpler set that is great value and still has everything your budding carpenter needs for hours of creative and imaginative play.

There are plenty of nuts, bolts and bits of wood to play with and attach to the bench and of course you can always add power tools at a later date.

Tender Leaf - Table Top Tool Bench

The Tender Leaf Table Top Tool Bench is smaller than their standard tool bench but still has so many great features including a circular saw, drill, and a set of hand tools.

We love the fact that the set also has a chalkboard to draw your designs and all the bits you need to build a robot friend.


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