Our Top Kids Tool Sets

Our pick of the best tool sets for kids

Every toddler should have a tool bench or a box of tools to play with. They love hammering things and it’s great for developing hand-eye coordination, learning about cause and effect and practising their fine and gross motor skills.

When they get a bit bigger toolsets are also perfect for role play games. You can’t be a carpenter without tools, and who else is going to fix the dining room table or put up those pictures?

Wooden Tool Sets for Toddlers

Wooden tool sets are perfect for toddlers. They are easy to grip, have a nice weight to them, made a very satisfying sound when you bang in the nails, and can’t do too much damage.

We have selected some great toolsets from some of our favourite brands and there are plenty more sets to choose from as well as a fabulous range of kids tool benches if you have space or want something even more exciting.

Bigjigs Red Carpenters Tool Belt

The Bigjigs Red Carpenters Tool Belt is great value and great fun to play with. Kids love having the belt around their waist so everything they need is readily available allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand.

The set contains a saw, hammer, screwdriver, square and spanner as well as a nut and bolt that is great for practising dexterity.

Bigjigs My Tool Box

The Bigjigs My Tool Box is another great option that comes with a hammer, screwdriver, wrench and ruler as well as nuts and bolts and some pegs for hammering which is perfect if you want to keep the furniture safe.

Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Tool Box

The Indigo Jamm Little Carpenters Tool Box is brilliant. It’s a little more expensive than the Bigjigs options but it really is worth every penny. You get loads more pieces including a little tool bench for those bigger jobs and lots of nuts and bolts and bits of wood to attach to it, as well as pegs to hammer into the bench.

Life-like Tools for Older Children

As children get older wooden tools might not cut it. They soon realise they can’t actually cut anything with their saw. So if you are up for supervising tool time but aren’t quite ready to hand over real adult tools a lifelike toolset could be the answer. You could also get kids work bench to play with tool sets.

The Bigjigs Junior Toolbox

The Bigjogs Junior Toolbox is a 28 piece set of real mini tools. Ok so the plane and the chisel aren’t sharp, and the saw won’t cut much more than balsa wood or cardboard, but you can use the screwdrivers to undo real screws and the hammer to hammer in real nails.

We highly recommend getting them some wood or cardboard they can play with and some little tacks for hammering and use this set to teach tool safety as well as to encourage imaginative and creative play.


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