Our Top Picks for The Best Farm Sets

Wooden farm sets are right up there with wooden trains and dolls for the most popular toys. Children love them because they can play with farm animals while singing their favourite nursery rhymes. A farm is also a popular setting in kids’ movies and television shows.

Children learn through playing and role-playing plays a big part in a child’s early development. Pretending to be a farmer allows children the opportunity to learn more about farming and animals. It also encourages little kids to use their creativity and imagination in crafting stories and creating worlds filled with farm animals. They can tend to their animals or plough their fields with a toy tractor.

With so many options to choose from, we totally understand why some parents can’t decide which farm sets to buy for their budding farmers. Don’t worry, we made a list of some of the best wooden farm sets available. All toys included in this list are from reputable toymakers, known for their ethical and eco-friendly credentials.

Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset

Founded in 1985 in Folkestone, England, BigJigs is among the most popular toymakers in the UK. It’s a family-owned business known for producing high quality wooden toys.

We highly recommend their Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset if you are looking for a farm set that is affordable and offers hours upon hours of fun and creative play. This wooden farm set from BigJigs provides exceptional product quality and play value. Each piece is made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint. You can be assured that this set is 100% safe because it conforms to current European and international safety standards.

The set features a barn door which opens to reveal a wholesome farm life scene. It comes with plenty of pieces and accessories like farm animals and Mr & Mrs Farmer. It also comes with 2 fences, two trees, a carrot patch and a pond.

Storing this playset is easy. The barn also serves as a storage for all the toys included in this set. Your child can put everything inside the barn when she’s done playing with them or take her toys outside.

Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter

Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter is another amazing toy from Bigjigs. What’s great about this set is that it also doubles as a sorter. Your child can have fun playing with farm animals and fitting them into the sorter. Sorters are fantastic early learning toys because they teach children a wide range of skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving and a lot more.

Tender Leaf Toys Little Barn Set Farm Toy

Tender Leaf is another toy brand we love. They make amazing toys using wooden materials and all their toys are 100% safe.

Tender Leaf Toys Little Barn Set Farm Toy is a fantastic wooden farm set that comes with a tractor, barn, farm animals and a farming couple. Your child is guaranteed to be entertained and occupied in hours of creative and imaginative play. Just like Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset, all toy pieces can be stored inside the barn which makes this set easy to pack away.


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