Our Top Picks for the Best Magnet Toys for Kids

Magnetic toys come in different forms and sizes. They are amazing toys to keep your kids occupied while helping your child develop essential skills. These toys are simple yet fun and truly engaging. Your child can stick these together and have fun with them. While these toys are geared towards children, you can have fun with them too.

These toys come in different forms and sizes. Most magnet toys are great toys for kids but not all of them are suitable for children. Magnet toys made from rare-earth high-powered magnets are definitely not for kids so it’s better to stay away from them as much as possible. There are plenty of simple magnet toys out there that are as fun as those high-powered magnet toys.

There are many fantastic toys on the market so we made a list of the best magnetic toys to make choosing easier for you.

Bigjigs Magnetic Board + Wooden Magnetic Pieces

Bigjigs Magnetic Board is a fantastic storyboard for telling great stories to your kids. You can use their wooden magnetic pieces, which are sold separately, as pieces to stick into the board. Both toys are made from responsibly sourced wood by one of our favourite toymakers. These toys are great for imaginative storytelling sessions which help your child expand her imagination and vocabulary as well as help develop her communication and language skills.

BigJigs wooden magnetic pieces come in sets like Bigjigs Fantasy Magnets, Bigjigs Seaside Magnets, Bigjigs Farm Magnets, Bigjigs Woodland Magnets and Bigjigs Fruit and Veg Magnets.


You can use these magnetic toys to teach your child her first basic colours as well as different animals. It’s important that children learn colour recognition before they go to school because the world around them is made up of a lot of colours.

Tender Leaf Toys Garden Blocks

Toys Garden Blocks from Tender Leaf Toys is a fantastic magnet toy that allows your child to build a garden filled with insects, animals and plants. She can construct these blocks however she wants. This is the kind of open-ended toy you want your child to play because they’re great at encouraging imaginative and creative play sessions. These blocks are made from rubberwood that has a wooden texture which brings your child closer to nature. Stacking and stocking each block also helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Grimms Magnetic Puzzles

These puzzle games are fun and offer a bit of a challenge to little kids. Many child experts suggest that playing with puzzles at a young age facilitates learning and helps children develop strong problem-solving skills and analytical skills. These skills are essential when they grow older and prepare them for more advanced concepts when they start going to school.

These magnetic puzzles are brightly coloured which make them ideal materials to teach your child shape and colour recognition. This is a foundation skill that is important to develop at an early age.


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