Our Top Picks for the Best Wooden Balls

As parents, you want your children playing with toys that are fun but also beneficial to their development. One good example of such toys are wooden balls. Wooden balls are fun and so easy to play. But they are also good for sensory stimulation as well as facilitate learning and development for children.

Playing with balls is an important part of children’s development. This is the reason why many experts recommend them and parents buy them for their children. Children will have a wonderful time throwing, catching and rolling their wooden balls.

Wooden balls are versatile and flexible. Your children can play with them however they want because they are what many people call open ended toys. Open ended toys are toys that can be played in many ways and do not restrict children from one form of play. Wooden balls are more than just toys because they are also powerful early learning tools. For instance, you can even use wooden balls as teaching materials for shape and colour recognition lessons.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wooden balls you can buy right now.

Grimms 6 Wooden Pastel Balls

Grimms is popular for their wooden rainbow toys and their wooden pastel balls are just as wonderful. Your little children will love discovering a world of fun and colour with this 6 piece wooden balls set. The balls themselves are large, lightweight but easy to grasp. You and your children can bond together and play many fun games using these wooden balls. It is a fun way to develop fine motor skills and learn more about colours and shapes.

These wooden balls are safe for children 1 years and older. Made from responsibly sourced wooden materials and finished with non-toxic paint.

Grimms Coloured Beads

Another wonderful eco-friendly toy from Grimms is their assorted coloured beads. These beads are good for any type of play and recommended for arts and crafts. You and your little one can do creative projects together and bond in a creative manner. You can also make jewelries and accessories with these wooden beads. There is an assortment of colours so you can create wonderful and lovely accessories together. Perfect for developing fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, imagination and creativity.

Grimms 35 Wooden Marbles

Grimms offer a wide range of wooden balls and one of our favourites is their wooden marbles. You can challenge your children’s imagination with these wooden marbles. They can play with these wooden marbles with their other toys such as wooden blocks and transport toys. While these toys are good toys, your children should only play them if you are around.

Grimms Small Rainbow Balls

If you are looking for good balls for a variety of ball runs, look no further than Grimms Small Rainbow Balls. These colourful wooden balls are the perfect balls for a wide range of plays. Your children can do ball runs, sorting games and mini puzzles with these wooden balls. Each wooden balls may come with unique markings and wooden grains.


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