Outdoor Toys


Outdoor Toys

Children love to play outdoors. Having a good selection of garden toys is a great way to encourage playtime in the garden, keeping them entertained, healthy and connecting with nature. Our great range of outdoor toys includes balance bikes, kids gardening tool toys, classic games, kites and some amazing indoor and outdoor toys that can be used in the garden, at the beach and even in the bath.

Eco-friendly Toys

Green toys, made from recycled milk bottles make the perfect outdoor toys and are perfect for the sandpit, the paddling pool or the mud kitchen. While the innovative Way to Play road sets are so versatile you can use them on pretty much any surface. We even have swings and rope ladders that make great outdoor toys for adventurous little ones.

If want to encourage your child to enjoy the outdoors, look no further than collection.

Wooden Cup and Ball Game
Plant Pot Shot
Childrens Wooden Magnifying Glass
Green Toys Submarine Blue Handle
Way to Play Highway
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