Create an ambient mood and fill your home with relaxing scents with our selection of eco-friendly candles from Paddywax.

Paddywax Artisan Candles & Hygge

Paddywax pride themselves on their firm eco-friendly policy. With their wide selection of innovative fragrances and creatively designed candle vessels, they have set themselves as leaders in hand-poured soy-based fragrance-infused candles. Paddywax paired these gorgeous fragrances with natural soy wax to create clean, sustainable candles that have a great scent throw. They use soy wax in all of their candles which is far better than paraffin wax. Unlike paraffin candles, soy based candles do not produce soot which is important in maintaining pure air quality especially at home.

Paddywax have combined different scents to create wonderful fragrances. We particularly love their Paddywax Hygge Rosewood and Patchouli which has a rich and calming scent.

And Paddywax are not just about the artisan fragrance, each vessel is designed to look fantastic in your home and to be repurposed after use. We also think Paddywax candles make the perfect gift.