Party Bag Fillers

Looking for the perfect party bag fillers?

Wooden party bag fillers are such a useful addition to the party bag, they add another 'wow' factor and help all our little guests get into the party mood. They also encourage children of all ages to get creative and use their imagination which is really important for developing young minds.

Find the perfect wooden party bag fillers for every party including Halloween party, Zoo theme party, little girls and boys party, unicorn party, princess party, and Christmas party. Our collection includes small toys, fun educational games, and child-friendly puzzles. Our party bag fillers are good quality and naturally eco friendly and sustainable. 

Loot bag fillers are all the rage at children's parties of any oaccasion these days. They're now considered as party essentials, and sometimes used as part of the party decorations. They have now become staples to a child's party themes, and event planners and parents alike use them to create an atmosphere that is uniquely suited for the celebration.

Party fillers are not only exclusively used at children's birthdays, but they can be used at retirement or open houses and other social gatherings where mingling among friends and family members is encouraged.

Depending on the party, party bags and party packs can be filled with anything from craft kits, jigsaw puzzles, activity book to soft toys.

With our great selection of pocket money toys for all sorts of party themes, you have a fun filled party bags. Plus we have a few other prefilled party bag ideas like collapsible water bottles and reusable lunch bags that are much less likely to end up in the bin than traditional cheap plastic fillers.

Unique and Fun Fillers

Think kids party bag fillers and pocket money toys along with party accessories and party boxes like party balloons when you need the very best party bag ideas.

Whether you're looking for pfillers to hand out at your child's Birthday party or any children party, Christmas stocking filler ideas, or even wedding favours, our great range of small kids toys and cheap party packs filled with goodies are perfect.

Like most things, the best party bag ideas tend to be the simplest. We think one or two items in a children's goodie bag or wedding favour, that will actually be used and appreciated, is far better than loads of plastic that will most likely end up in the bin. Your search for the perfect party bags fillers is over! Fill reusable bags which they can save and reuse time and time again with colour and hours fun! Whether its a colour book or mini noughts and crosss set.

Fill your party bags with excitement and happiness

After adding a slice of cake to eco-friendly, paper bags, it would be a shame to add balloons and trinkets that are bad for the environment. Our kids party bag fillers are high quality and will be enjoyed by children of all ages whilst, as parents, you can sit back and rest assured your young guests have received a worthwhile high-quality small toy to remember your event by.

We love the Sevi bird whistle or Djeco butterfly maracas for a colourful noisy gift little ones will love. Or the Just B mini cars are great for little hands to whizz around the room. These toys are the perfect party bag loot for 1 year olds.

Party favours for toddlers and young children:

A little wooden vehicle, percussion instrument, or wooden animal toy makes a great gift for a party bag. These are all excellent stocking fillers for toddlers as well. Or if you are having a princess party what about the lovely jewellery gifts.

The chunky twig pencils could easily be split between bags, as could the play dough for an arts and crafts themed bag.

Parents will be delighted when their children receive these small, premium quality natural wooden toys as bag favours. Similarly, if you work with a reward chart system in your house, these toys are a perfect size and price as a treat for exceptionally good behaviour.

Older children Party Bags Fillers Fill with SUstainable Goods!

We love the Djeco stationary. Beautiful enough that parents will be jealous they aren't getting a party bag as well. This range is really reasonably priced and would also make a great birthday gift so you might want to get bulk buying these party bag fillers. The notebooks come in packs of two so why not split them up and give a glitter pen and a notebook to each party goer.

The mini puzzles are a great challenge for children age 5+ and come in pirate and princess designs. As do the wonderful Djeco Tattoos which make a great party activity or party bag fillers.

Stocking fillers

The Tradition of hanging Christmas stockings originates from the Saint Nicholas story. Legend has it that Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus went to houses dropping small bags of coins down the chimney of families he knew were poor. As they fell down the chimney they landed in stockings that had been hung up to dry on the fireplace. In modern day, children replicate this by hanging Christmas stockings up in the hope that they will be filled by Santa Claus when he visits them to be opened on Christmas day.

Often children will receive chocolate coins. a Satsuma, socks and some novelty gifts. So why not swap out the novelty toys for one of our unique party bag fillers. Our lovely Christmas stocking fillers for kids range from a skipping rope, a small wooden block set, Whistles and keyrings. Stocking fillers for boys include a sailing boat, yoyo, or spinning top. For girls, we know they'll love the Sevi town bracelet, the necklace and the mirror.

Beautiful Gifts at Baba me

At Babame, as parents ourselves, we know how important it is to give your children beautiful gifts. The worry dolls, lucky kits and Christmas angels are wonderful small toys that will enable children to rid themselves of their fears and worries. These are especially useful around exam time or if a child is overcoming illness or a traumatic event.

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