Peg Dolls

Wooden Peg Dolls

Peg dolls are the perfect toys for open-ended and creative play. These toys are highly recommended for hobby crafts because they’re widely available and fairly easy to make. They are exceedingly customisable in so many ways and can be used as dolls, puppets, or even decorations. And because they come unfinished, your kids can paint them any colour they want!

Whether you're looking for a new craft project or just want to have some fun playing with kids, our peg dolls will provide hours of entertainment! Browse your peg dolls collection and get creative with your kids today!

Grimms Rainbow friends are traditional peg dolls. They are made from solid wood, hand-painted and have a very simplistic form which is perfect for allowing your child's imagination to take the lead, encouraging imaginative open-ended play. These peg doll kit sets could also double as wooden decorative. Grimms Rainbow collection is one of the best collections of rainbow toys in the market. They include peg dolls and whatnot. Don't miss out he crazy deal on them while the stock lasts!!

Peg Dolls - Fun & Imaginative Play

These peg dolls can be used early learning tools. The bright colour finish on these peg dolls can be used to teach your kids basic colours. Your little ones can also learn how to count using these peg dolls. Your kid can also sort their peg doll collection by colour.

A kids wooden peg doll is like a blank canvass. It’s up to your kid how they want to play with a peg doll and what kind of stories they want to tell. You and your little ones can paint faces on the peg doll, make dresses and clothes or use a peg doll for your bedtime storytelling.

The natural wood makes these peg dolls wonderfully tactile to hold just like the building blocks, and the water-based stains are child safe meaning it doesn't matter if they end up getting a little chewed. You can be assured that each peg doll conforms to European and international safety standards. We also talked about these in the toddler balance boards which helps in developing the strength of your child. 

Available in bright or pastel colours these peg dolls are perfect for colour matching and make the perfect inhabitants for a dolls house or rainbow hotel. Children can even have fun making their own outfits for their peg dolls and dress them up according to the season.

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