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pirate ship toy

Pirate Toys for Kids

Your kid can now shout 'Ahoy mateys' with our range of fantastic pirate toys and figures! Our fantastic range of pirate-themed toys will help you find your treasure chest includes pirate toys like a wooden pirate ship so your children can pretend play as little pirates. Whilst not traditionally seen as educational toys, pirate-themed toys really help with storytelling, imagination, role play and pretend play. Social skills can be learned through such fun play. We love the Djeco range of pirate toys, from the glow in the dark skully, to their amazing wooden pirate ship, they have something for everyone!

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Djeco Dishes of Pirates
£28.95   £21.71
Djeco Ze pirat island
£30.95   £23.21  (1)
Djeco Pirates Observation Puzzle
£12.25   £9.19
Djeco Role play - Sweets Pirates cakes
£19.25   £14.44  (1)
Djeco Barbarossas boat - 54 pcs
£11.79   £8.84
Djeco Pirate boat 3D Pop to play
£12.75   £9.56  (2)
Big Jigs Pirate Wooden Train
Indigo Jamm Jolly Jacks Pirate Ship
£65.00  (3)
Tidlo Paragon Pirate Ship
£59.95  (2)
Goki Flexible Puppet Pirate 2
£9.46   £7.10
Pirate Tic Tac Toe
£5.95  (1)
Djeco Ze pirate boat
£75.00  (2)

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Are all pirate figurines compatible?

Just like real pirates, pirate figurines come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst our personal favourite are the fabulous Djeco Arty Pirate figures, all can be mixed and matched and combined with any wooden ship or treasure island toys.

Best Pirate Gifts for Toddlers?

We get asked this a lot! This depends very much on the age of the child and what they like. Some of the Djeco arty pirate figures are quite gruesome, so would be perfect for an older child who loves detail, but maybe not best for a smaller sensitive child. For younger children, the Indigo Jamm pirate set is ideal, as its perfect from 18 months. For children over 4 years old, I would opt for the Djeco pirate series.

Best Pirates?

Well, now that is very debatable! Some here are going with Barbarossa, whilst the other are going for Blackbeard. Me, I'm going for the Djeco Sam Parrot!

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