Plastic Free Toiletries

plastic free toiletries

Plastic Free Personal Care Products for a Zero Waste Bathroom

For those looking for a more zero waste lifestyle, we have put together a wide range of plastic free toiletries to help you on your journey.


Sustainable, Organic Products - The Journey to Zero Waste Living

Everything from biodegradable toothbrushes, shampoo bars & natural soap right down to safety razors and menstrual cups. The bathroom is a very easy way to make the change to plastic-free living and this great selection of toiletries will really help you on your journey to zero waste!

The easiest place to start with toiletries is probably organic, natural soap which of course is all child friendly soap. I'm not sure why natural soap went out of fashion, to be replaced by gunk in plastic bottles and soap full of harmful chemicals, but thankfully, we are moving back towards using a more organic sustainable bar for our body and hair care.

All of our sustainable soap is handmade in the UK or Ireland and uses only the finest natural ingredients. We have chosen our natural soap ranges based on those which have carefully considered their packaging range, and are plastic-free soap.

The next step to zero waste bathroom would be to consider replacing shower gel with soap on a rope, both of these steps are very easy, without really affecting your lifestyle but will have a dramatic effect on your waste free journey.

A shampoo bar, to replace SLS shampoo, is quite a big step and maybe one to be taken once you are confident with natural hair washing, but we are here to help and find the perfect option for you and your hair care.

Another really easy step to sustainable living is to ditch the plastic toothbrush and replace it with a biodegradable or bamboo toothbrush. We have a wide range of sustainable dental products, from natural toothpaste to dental floss which gives you plenty of options for natural zero waste living. We have bamboo toothbrushes from Hydrophil and bio toothbrushes made from non-GMO cornstarch from Natural Family Co.

You can even make simple steps in your health care, by replacing plastic buds with biodegradable cotton buds, we have a lovely set from Hydrophil. These eco-friendly cotton swabs have bamboo stems instead of plastic.

From there, the next transition could be a natural deodorant. Our ranges are specifically chosen to be natural aluminum free but also with plastic-free deodorant. You might need to spend a few weeks detoxing, but this is relatively easy.

Zero waste periods are easy with our wide range of reusable menstrual cups, hygiene products and reusable sanitary pads. We have reusable menstrual cups from Yuuki and RubyCup. Using menstrual cups, not only saves our environment but they are also economical in the long run.