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Discover our range of eco friendly toothpaste made with natural and cruelty free ingredients in recyclable plastic free packaging for zero waste dental hygeine. A simple way to help keep your teeth squeaky clean while not harming the planet - choose from many different varieties including products formulated specifically for children, and options with fluoride or fluoride free. Throw out the plastic tubes for eco-friendly toothpaste is good for your teeth and good for the environment!

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ingredients to avoid in toothpaste is natural toothpaste better for your teeth Common Ingredients in Natural Toothpaste Are Natural Toothpastes Better for the Environment?

What's so great about plastic free products like a natural toothpaste in a reccylable glass jar or zero waste toothpaste tablets is that it has more eco and sustainable aspects than commercial products that come in plastic packaging. Conventional toothpastes tubes are unable to be recycled and still end up in landfill, polluting our environment. Plastic toothpaste tubes don't biodegrade, but they do break into microplastics that can pollute our waterways, whilst environmentally friendly toothpaste comes in reusable glass jars or as tooth tabs in a cardboard box. There are lots of zero waste toothpaste options from a recyclable glass jar, to biodegradable cardboard or recyclable packaging. The best toothpaste is the one which takes care of our planet as well as your teeth! Those toothpastes which comes in a glass har will often come with a wooden spatula for keeping your pearly whites white!

We all know that taking care of the world can be a daunting task, and sometimes we just need to start small. Switching from regular toothpaste that comes in plastic tubes and is harmful is one way you can feel good about your choice for sustainability because it's easy! Most natural toothpastes come in eco-friendly packaging containers like glass jars or tin cans which means they are highly recyclable or can be repurposed once they’re empty. Many of the tablets come in a refill bag which you can just put in the jar or tin with a metal lid. They have natural ingredients like essential oils or peppermint oil instead of synthetic preservatives and there is a huge range on the market today.

If you’re planning to have a more eco-friendly bathroom, you can also swap your plastic toothbrush for a soft bristled toothbrush made from cornstarch or a bamboo toothbrushes. Both are greener alternatives to a plastic toothbrush and all toothpaste options will work well with a  electric toothbrush so no need to worry.

Why Use a Plastic Free Toothpaste?

There are some very good reasons to use dental tablets or plastic-free toothpastes, rather than the conventional toothpaste. Perhaps one of the best things about natural toothpastes is that they eliminate plastic from your bathroom cabinet. This means no more tiny tubes or bottles or tubes of plastic coming through your front door every time you order something online (which can really add up). They also don't contain artificial colours, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners foaming agents or any other harmful ingredients. So whilst reducing your carbon footprint you are also reducing your exposure to toxins. Non toxic ingredients are often plant based ingredients and have a much lower environmental impact.

The truth is that natural toothpaste manufacturers tend to send out their products in a cardboard box that can be reused as well as recycled once empty and they use recyclable glass bottle like Georganics natural activated charcoal toothpaste or even better toothpaste tablets in compostable packaging. Better for your oral health and our planets health, and as most are fair trade for the employees health as well. No more pollution, just naturally good products full of a mix of vitamin, minerals and natural ingredients.

If you're looking for a way to reduce the use of plastic, then it might be time to switch from your normal toothpaste. A lot of people don't know that many popular brands are packaged in plastic containers that they can't recycle! This is one reason why more and more people are switching over to natural products like Geo organics toothpastes come in glass or metal packaging rather than plastic waste for teeth cleaning and brushing your teeth.

Our zero waste toothpaste is made from 100% natural ingredients and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. Our all-natural toothpastes are completely vegan and cruelty free (no testing on animals!), so you can take excellent care of your teeth and gums without harming the environment and are idea for sensitive teeth! Some are solid toothpaste like toothpaste soap bar or you can get tooth powders and they come in lovely flavours like english peppermint. Georganic natural toothpaste and natural toothpowder also do eco dental floss which are vegan friendly and another low waste option for toothpaste in the uk. All of our natural toothpastes are palm oil free and you can get denttabs toothpaste tablets with fluoride or without.

We have different a great range of oral care products for the whole family including products from popular eco friendly brands like Georganics toothpaste, Denttabs, NFco, Ben & Anna (a German company) and ecoLiving. Some are free from fluoride and others are toothpastes with fluoride. All our plasticfree toothpastes are natural, have surprisingly good taste (natural mint flavour) and are packaged in glass jars or environmentally friendly packaging, leaving your mouth feeling fresh without harming the environment. The toothpaste tab ecofriendly toothpaste and mouthwash tablets usually come with a month supply for one person in one pack which denttabs recommend you use one tablet each time you brush your teeth. We also have a great range of plastic free interdental brushes made from mosa bamboo if you need to floss after food!

The great thing about all these eco brands is that they give you the best possible dental care without using single use plastic. Its vital we use the least amount of our planets resources for our personal care products and beauty cosmetics. Whether using teeth cleaning tablets or zero waste body scrubs, changing our ways is a vital first step.

Vegan Toothpaste & Cruelty Free Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste is essential when it comes to a natural dental care routine! Maintaining healthy oral hygiene is so important when caring for your gums and teeth, that's why choosing the correct natural toothpaste is imperative. Some people use coconut oil but many of our eco friendly brands have much more detailed, active formulas for whitening or with germ inhibiting substances which are better for your tooth enamel. Many reputable brands list the ingredients they use in their natural toothpaste to guide their buyers. You should develop the habit of reading labels and the ingredients list if you haven’t already. Because doing so can help you stay away from questionable products and learn what microfine cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose (wood pulp used as a filler) and sodium lauroyl glutamate (a gentle plant based cleaner) are. You can always ask the brands for more information on their ingredients.

Also, unlike natural or vegan toothpastes which are made from 100% natural ingredients and free of chemicals that can be harsh on teeth and gums, commercial toothpaste typically contain many chemicals, substances and preservatives that are often considered dangerous and toxic. Despite the claimed benefits of using these ingredients, this type of toothpaste does nothing to prevent cavities or kill bacteria or provide long-term stain remover for teeth. Instead, it only temporarily masks the appearance.

Fluoride Toothpaste or Fluoride Free Toothpaste?

Fluoride is a controversial ingredient, with many people believing that fluoridation of water and toothpaste is unnecessary for dental health. The debate over fluoride rages on but there are also those who believe in the benefits of using it as an agent to help fight cavities. Even though most countries use this substance in their drinking water, toothpaste, and mouthwash there are many countries that have not implemented it. Some countries even regulate sodium fluoride.

When looking at fluoride in toothpaste it is considered a chemical agent for teeth hygiene but when fluoridation of water has been added to the equation then you are looking at an entirely different ball game. Fluoride can help protect against cavities by making your teeth stronger and more resistant to plaque build-up.

If you are looking for fluoridated toothpaste or toothpaste without fluoride for your dental hygiene then we have options for you as we carry both. We carry many different all natural vegan cruelty free brands with a wide variety of flavours!

What Is the Most Eco Friendly Toothpaste?

We're committed to providing you with a line of toothpaste alternatives that are all free from petroleum-based chemicals, which means there is no more plastic in sight. From fluoride free and vegan toothpaste options to recycled packaging, or toothpaste tablets (which become toothpaste with our own saliva when we chew) in a compostable bag there is a perfect option for you and most people and the environment. You can rest assured that all of our toothpastes are eco friendly, sustainable and will help reduce waste packaging, putting a natural smile on your face and our planet.

What Is Eco Friendly Toothpaste Made Of?

It is a no-brainer that toothpaste should be free of nasty toxins and dangerous chemical ingredients, but many toothpastes we can buy on the market today contain many toxic chemicals and substances. The fact that you don’t need to swallow these toxins to enter your system because they can pass through the lining of your mouth should be a cause for concern.

Some of the most common of these toxic ingredients found in toothpaste are magnesium stearate which is an additive, SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauroyl which is a detergent and calcium carbonate which is an abrasive substance.

Often eco friendly toothpaste is made of more organic sustainable ingredients. However, really a toothpaste is eco friendly when it comes in a zero waste or recyclable containers. The main environmental issue with toothpastes are the lack of ability to recycle a plastic tube.

Many zero waste toothpastes are made up of more natural organic ingredients like sodium bicarbonate or baking soda, citric acid, xanthan gum, coconut oil, menthol, cinnamon and often come in a glass jar. So there are plenty of environmental and health benefits to using them instead of regular toothpaste.

Sodium bicarbonate, in particular, is one of the most common ingredients in natural toothpastes. It is a household staple that can be used for many things.

Not only does baking soda help to keep your teeth white and perfect, but it also helps with cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay! When mixed with water, sodium bicarbonate creates an alkaline solution that whitens the teeth and helps prevent plaque build-up.

A plastic free toothpaste being made from natural ingredients is one of the reasons why they’re also good for people with sensitive teeth. The natural ingredients in these eco friendly toothpaste help fight plaque and keep your teeth gums and teeth healthy without causing any discomfort while brushing.

Is There a Zero Waste Toothpaste With Fluoride?

Yes many of our zero waste toothpaste brands offer a choice of fluoride or fluoride free options. We always recommend discussing the use of fluoride in toothpaste with your dental care provider, your dentist can advise you on whether you should or should not use it.

How Do You Use Plastic Free Toothpaste?

This depends on what type of toothpaste you have purchased. Many of our toothpastes look like plastic tubes of toothpaste but they are in cornstarch biodegradable tubes, and you would use these just the same as you would use toothpaste you have used in the past.

Toothpaste tablets are a step away from these and you would need to dissolve the toothpaste tabs before you use them. Toothpaste powder should be put on the brush directly and mixed into a paste with water. You can also get tooth soap for your bamboo toothbrush and mouthwash tablets to rinse in the sink.

Is There a Vegan Toothpaste Which Is Plastic Free?

Yes, many of our plastic free toothpaste brands are vegan friendly, gluten free and they do not contain any animal by-products.

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