Play Silks

play silks

Play Silks

Sometimes it's the simplest toys that offer the most fun and play silks definitely come into this category.

Play Silk - Waldorf Toys

It is important to promote green and eco-friendly lifestyle to kids at an early age. Buying toys made from eco-friendly materials like wood and silk, you are doing your kids and the environment a huge favor. Play silks are some of the most eco-friendly toys out there.

Made with natural fibres and bright colours, these play silks are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination, taking them to wonderful and magical worlds.

Play silks can be used for music and movement, to play dress up, or be incorporated into small world play. Play silks offer a lot of possibilities. It might be the sea or a mountain, a baby carrier or a den, and for tiny ones just the sensory experience is enough to get them giggling with delight.

Let your kids have an imaginative and creative play time with playsilks.