Playsets for Kids

Playsets come in all shapes and sizes and for all ages of child. Playsets are a great place to start when buying new toys and a wonderful way to fuel a child's imagination. Whether they love space or pirates, farmyards, or building sites we have a great range of playsets for every taste and budget.

Eco-friendly & Safe Playset for Kids

Some of our compact sets are great all-in-one toys that are perfect for travel or taking to sleepovers. And there are some amazing open-ended play sets that can be used in a myriad of ways as your child grows.

If you are looking to fill your kid's closet with fun and safe play sets, look no further than our collection. The best thing about the toys listed on our store is they're eco friendly and made out of wood. Wood based toys are not only environment friendly but they also safe for children. 

Hot New Releases
Story Sack & Play Set- The Noisy Farmyard Ragbook
£53.50   £40.12
Wooden Fire Engine Stacking Set
£43.95   £37.36
Bigjigs City Fire Station
£89.99   £76.49
Baby Toy Phone and Camera
£25.95   £22.06
Wooden Safari Set
£56.95   £48.41
Plan Toys Colored Snap Camera
£16.96   £14.42
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Dinosaur Snap Cards
£2.29   £1.72
Road Tape
£17.95   £15.26
Djeco Zig & Go 48 Pieces
£44.95   £38.21
Tidlo Firefighter Set
£19.00   £16.15
Grimms 6 Piece Rainbow
£24.50   £20.83