Pocket Money Toys for Kids

We have an amazing range of ethical toys, big and small, including loads of pocket money toys that children can buy for themselves or as gifts for friends using their pocket money, or you can buy as stocking fillers, birthday party gifts or just to have tucked away in case you need a little mood booster on a rainy day.

Pocket money toys make fantastic little gifts. But they are also perfect for children who have pocket money or get money for birthdays and Christmas to learn about how much things cost and buy things for themselves.

BigJigs Toys

BigJigs have a great range of pocket money toys that children can purchase for just a few pounds. There are traditional toys such as spinning tops, cup and ball, jacobs ladder and little wooden toy cars that are lots of fun to play with and great for keeping kids amused.

We really love the transport tape. You can choose runway tape that comes with a plane, railway tape that comes with a train and road tape that comes with a race car. The tape is low tack and can be used on all sorts of surfaces. Perfect for holidays or days out as well as turning your floor into the perfect play space in an instant.

They also do a great selection of card games for kids, perfect for rainy days. And lots of little percussion instruments to encourage their musical side.

Wooden Animals

Another great option for spending pocket money or filling party bags and stockings, are wooden toy animals. Tenderleaf do a fantastic range of animals for £3-4 each so children can choose their favourites and start to build their collection saving up their pocket money to populate their farm yard, forest or zoo.

All the animals are beautifully made and brightly coloured to encourage creativity and imagination. They even have a fantastic set of eight dinosaurs for your little ones to collect.

The price means that children can quickly save enough to buy a whole set or they can buy them one by one as and when they have a few pounds in their savings jar.

A little more expensive are the Holztiger and Ostheimer wooden animals. These are likely to be a bit more than children would be able to afford with their weekly pocket money but they are perfect for collecting and a really great way to encourage children to start saving.

Ostheimer and Holztiger animals are also a great way for children to spend birthday and Christmas money as they can choose between so many options.


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