Pokito Collapsible Coffee Cups

The clever Pokito coffee cup is perfect for ensuring you never need to use another disposable coffee cup again. Large enough to take a 16 oz coffee, (although it can also be used as 12 oz size and 8 oz) this clever cup folds down to just 4.5 cm so you can easily fit it in your pocket, bag, or glove compartment. We all know we need to reduce our consumption of single use products and disposable cups are a great place to start.

Pokito cups are sustainable after just 15 uses and are tested to 1500 uses which is a lot of coffee cups not going to landfill. And Pokito have been designed specifically with reuse in mind. They are lightweight, dishwasher safe, collapsible so easy to store, versatile as you can change the size, and spill proof. Perfect for your daily cuppa. 

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