Potty Training Pants

potty training pants

Potty Training Pants

Get some reusable training pants and help your child with potty training.

Are potty training pants any good?

Some parents feel anxious at the thought of potty training and rightfully so, because potty training can be a daunting task if done the wrong way. In the digital age, there are plenty of online resources that offer tips to make this transition in a childís life bearable and easy for both parents and child. If you have already done your research on when and how to start potty training, the last thing thatís left is to decide whether to use reusable or disposable potty training pants.

Thereís an argument to be made that both reusable and disposable training pants have their own benefits and disadvantages. Letís talk about disposable training pants first. Disposable training pants work the same as diapers. Theyíre convenient, comfortable and your child is probably used to wearing them. However, as part of the potty training, the feeling of discomfort after peeing or pooping can be motivating to use a potty. Not to mention, our landfills and oceans are already filled with plastic waste and using disposable products can do more harm than good on the environment.

On the other hand, reusable training pants are cost-effective and good on the environment. They are reusable and will last the entire period of your childís potty training. Most reusable training pants are made from natural materials like cotton and bamboo, 2 of the most renewable resources, which allow your child to feel wetness and discomfort and therefore encouraging them to use the potty.

Reusable potty training pants fall into two main types. Lightweight training pants which feel like pants rather than a nappy. These will allow your child to feel wet if they have an accident but give them a bit more time to get to the potty. Or for a more absorbent solution the flip training pants are easy to pull on and off, feeling much more grownup than a nappy, yet are still nice and absorbent to catch any accidents. Either way, potty training will be easier with less mess and less stress.

Make learning how to use the potty a fun experience for you and your child with our collection.

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