Potty Training Tips

If you are thinking about potty training, ready to start, or partway through the process and struggling you may be on the lookout for potty training tips that can make life easier and perhaps even speed up the process. Tips could include training pants, choosing the right potty, and being able to tell if your child is ready to potty train.

Potty training is a big milestone for a child. And there are a number of things you can do to help the process. So here's a few potty training tips.

Waiting Until They Are Ready

The biggest tip when it comes to potty training is waiting until your child is ready to train. The process will be immeasurably easier and quicker if your child can already identify when they need to go to the toilet. Not that they are going or they have been, although these are signs that they are not far off being ready, but that they need to go.

They might start showing an interest when you or others go to the toilet and even tell you they need to go to the toilet and essentially tell you they are ready to potty train.

It also really helps if they are keen not to be wet and dirty, they might start to take their nappy off or ask you to change them. Potty training pants are great for helping children know when they are wet as they don’t absorb the liquid so quickly.

Praising Success and Not Making a Big Deal Out of Accidents

Praising kids for their success makes them feel good and reinforces when they get it right. You can also make sure you introduce the need to wash their hands and praise them when they remember.

Equally it is important to stay calm and not make a big deal out of accidents. Just clean them up and get them ready to try again next time. Accidents will happen, probably quite a lot, so pick a time to start potty training when you are up for it as much as they are, and make your life easier by using potty training pants, especially when you are out and about, or choosing a time of year when there are fewer clothes to change after an accident.

Kids need to know that accidents happen and that there is no shame in not making it to the potty on time otherwise they can get worried and this can slow their progress.

Having the Right Kit

Another tip for potty training is making sure you are ready for potty training and have the things you need to make your life easier.

The kit you need will depend on when and where you are potty training and how ready your little one is to train. Potty training pants can be really helpful at containing accidents while not feeling like a nappy. They allow your kids to feel wet when they pee but they stop their clothes, socks and shoes from getting wet and dramatically reduce the number of clothes needing to go in the laundry.

Potty training pants can also be really useful if you are pretty much there but aren’t 100% confident of their ability to hold it till you can pull over on a long drive or find a toilet while you are away from home.

Another great tool for potty training is a travel potty as this allows you to leave the house more easily and not have to panic about rushing to a toilet or not being able to find one.


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