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Pram toys and other travel toys are great for keeping your baby amused while you are out and about. Whether it's a quick trip to the supermarket, a stroll in the park, the morning school run, or a coffee with friends, our pram toy collection will keep your baby entertained. These activity toys are designed for your baby's tiny hands so they can easily pull, squeeze and as they reach their favourite car seat toy. A brightly coloured buggy toy or baby pram toy can help with your little one's colour recognition while the crinkle sounds encourage tactile and auditory stimulation. With our pram activity toys, your baby will never be bored.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

When choosing a baby pram toy for your pram you want something that is light, portable and easy to attach to the pushchair, shopping trolley, stroller or car seat so you're not constantly bending down to pick it up off the floor. Because we all know how much fun that game is when you are under one, as they repeatedly throw their stroller toys out of the baby pram or trolley!

We've got a great range of stroller playsets and pushchair toys to choose from. All beautifully made from high-quality materials by companies we trust. From natural wooden stroller clip-ons with bright colours that clip across the front of the pram to soft cuddly friends that have handy loops to make them easy to attach. A baby toy clip or any soft toy that does not have any detachable parts are fantastic toys for the pram. These toys also make for good pushchair toys.

The hanging activity spirals from BigJigs and Moulin Roty make great stroller playsets as they have lots of colours, textures and noises to keep little hands and minds amused. And Heimess' soother chains are the perfect clip on toy for chewing and fiddling with on the move.

Here’s our top picks:

  • BigJigs Spiral Cot Rattles

The hanging BigJigs Spiral Cot rattles make a great pram toy as they can easily be wound around the bumper bar to keep babies amused when they are on the go. Or attached using the handy plastic loop.

They have plenty of features to help keep your little one entertained including a clear rattle is full of coloured beads that make a gentle pleasing sound, and a sturdy teether for chewing on. They come in two colours Bella, and Cheeky Monkey. Suitable from birth this would make a lovely gift for a newborn.

  • Heimess Pram Chains

These brightly coloured wooden pram chains are the perfect stroller accessory. The vibrant colours will draw babies attention and the little bell is great fun to bash. The natural wood feels great to touch and it's perfectly safe for little mouths. Choose from the Duck and Frog, vehicles, or bear, and add a touch of fun to your journey.

  • Moulin Roty Ring Rattle

The Moulin Roty range of baby playsets combines beautiful French fabrics with lovingly thought out designs. Each character they create is designed to tell a story, and a team of designers and illustrators create a colour and fabric pallet just for them in the cooperative's headquarters in France. We love the whole range but think the activity ring rattles are particularly good for keeping little ones amused while you are out and about.

The Jolis Pas Beau rattle and the Elephant activity rattle both have vibrating pull toys, crinkle fabric, a rattle and a little mirror to stimulate the senses and help build those all-important neural pathways through play. Plus they look lovely and have lots of colours and textures to keep eyes and hands busy.

  • Heimess Soother Chains

The Heimess Soother Chains are great whether or not you use a soother. The bright colours and smooth beads make a great distraction for babies while you are out and about. And they are small and light making them the perfect travel toy.

These little toys are safe to chew and will encourage dexterity and hand-eye coordination. And of course, if you do use a soother they are perfect for preventing it from ending up on the floor.

  • Goki Picture Book

A fabric picture book like this Goki Picture Book makes a great pram toy for little ones to play with while you are on the move. The eight different pictures, with their different patterns and bright colours, will provide plenty of visual stimulation. And there are lots of sounds and textures to explore as well including crinkle fabric, a built-in rattle and a squeaker.

This is the perfect first book for a baby. You can make up stories from the pictures, and unlike a paper or board book it's perfect for chewing and doesn't mind getting a bit wet if it happens to end up out of the pushchair.