Pram Toys

Our range of high-quality wooden pram toys is perfect for keeping your little one entertained when you're on the go. Whether it's a quick trip to the supermarket, a stroll in the park, or even just a coffee with friends, our pram toy collection will keep your baby amused.

Your baby deserves the best! That's why we handpicked pram toys made from sustainable and renewable materials like wood. These toys will last through all of your child's developmental stages - from teething to toddlerhood - with no worries about lead paint or toxic chemicals getting into their mouths or bodies. And since they're easy to clean, you can feel good knowing that you won't have any trouble keeping up with your busy schedule. Browse through our selection of high-quality wooden pram toys today and find something that best suits your baby’s needs!

When choosing pram toys, you want something that is light, portable and easy to attach to the pushchair, shopping trolley, stroller or car seat so you're not constantly bending down to pick it up off the floor. Because we all know how much fun that game is when you are under one, as they repeatedly throw their stroller toys out of the baby pram or trolley!

We've got a great range of pram toys to choose from. All beautifully made from high-quality materials by companies we trust. From natural wooden stroller clip-ons with bright colours that clip across the front of the pram to soft cuddly friends that have handy loops to make them easy to attach. A baby toy clip or any soft toy that does not have any detachable parts make for fantastic pram toys.

Pram toys are good toys for early development. Some pram toys come with different materials like wood and fabric. Their textures are great for sensory play and tactile stimulation. Additionally, most pram toys are finished with bright colours which are good for visual stimulation and colour recognition.

When babies grow older and develop the ability to use their hands and fingers to explore the world around them, pram toys are good toys to have. Playing pram toys help babies develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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