Presents for a Mum Who Has Everything

Gifts for the mum who has everything - perfect gift ideas for your mum

Some people are easy to buy for, you spot little gifts for them all the time, and it's a joy to pick things out that you know they will love and enjoy. Other people not so much, in fact, some people are so tricky to buy for that we end up getting stressed out just thinking about it.

And then there are the people who just don't need anything. They already have everything they want. If they need something they buy it for themselves. They're particular about scents, have a very specific beauty regime, don't do chocolate, get the magazines they like on subscription, and have a great self-care routine.

So what do you give as a gift to mum who has everything?

So do still need to give your mum a present?

Sometimes we feel obligated to buy stuff because that's what we're taught is the right thing to do. However, if you're struggling to decide what to buy because you just can't think of anything they will want or need maybe the solution is not to buy anything at all.

Sometimes a voucher can be perfect in these situations as its a great way of saying I really want to treat you but I just can't decide what it is you will love. Choose a store you know they love or opt for a massage or experience voucher.

Make something. It could be a card, a playlist (retro everyone loves discovering new music), a meal, a blanket. Anything that says I'm thinking about you.

Ask them what they need. It might be that they really want a new pair of gloves, some new socks, a new pot for their favourite house plant, or something completely random like a new set of kitchen scales.

Or how about instead of buying something you plan to take them somewhere or just spend time with them instead. Enjoy a meal together or book an experience. What you choose will depend on the things your mum enjoys. It might be a day at the spa, a shopping trip, a museum or gallery visit, a trip to the beach.

Give a practical or usable gift

Ok so this might not seem that exciting but it can be nice to have a gift to give or wrap up so if there's nothing they need, get something little you know they will use.

  • Socks. Thought bamboo socks are ridiculously soft and comfy and make the perfect gift. Putting on a new pair of socks is one of life's little luxuries so you can never have too many pairs.
  • Chocolate. If your mum enjoys chocolate then a bar or three of Tony's Chocolonely makes a lovely gift.
  • Bath melts. Wild Olive bath melts and Agnes and Cat bath fizzers are a great gift for anyone that has a bath. They are made in the UK from natural ingredients and are the perfect excuse for a bit of me-time.
  • Eco-friendly switches. This might not be the most exciting of gifts, but if they have everything then what the heck. There are eco-friendly options for everything from clingfilm and kitchen sponges to toothbrushes and even just switching to a bar of soap rather than shower gel can be a great eco-friendly switch.

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