Presents for Mum You Can Make With the Kids

Making presents for mum with the kids - fantastic gift making ideas

Lots of little ones love getting creative and crafty so making a gift for mum is great fun for them and memory making for your mother.

Footprints and fingerprints make for amazing gifts

Footprints and fingerprints might get done over and over again but they grow so fast and a little dated footprint can be the perfect way to remember how small they were. Here are a few ideas that make great gifts for mums.

1. Paint a canvas that can go on the wall. Footprint hearts make the most adorable gift at any time of year but especially for valentines day. Little feet can also be turned into butterflies, peacock feathers, cows, bunny rabbits and so much more. Handprints make great flowers and fingerprints make super cute balloons.

Pinterest is your friend and will give you lots of ideas. And if you don't have a canvas make a card and frame it.

2. Fingerprint jewellery. If you love the idea of giving jewellery but would like to make it personal you can get kits that turn your child's fingerprint into a necklace.

3. Paint a stool or a wooden box and get your child to decorate it with their hands and feet.

4. An apron or a shopping bag. You can buy a plain canvas bag or apron and get the kids to decorate it. This makes a lovely practical and sentimental gift.

Homemade spa gifts

Every mum deserves a couple of hours off to enjoy a nice relaxing bath and slightly older children will love getting involved with making soaps, bath bombs, scrubs and face masks.

You can buy natural soap bases that just need to be melted and poured and add essential oils and flower petals for beautiful scented soaps or coffee or oatmeal for an exfoliating bars.

Bath salts are also very easy to make, again using essential oils and flower petals. Or you could make bath fizzers using a silicone ice cube tray or cake moulds.

Turn your trash into treasured gifts

There are all sorts of great gifts you can make using things that would otherwise end up in the bin and it's a great way to get kids thinking about recycling as well as giving.

1. Take a used glass jar and fill it with little love notes and things you are grateful for. You could cut up a picture they've drawn to make it even more personal. And you could add little promises as well such as I promise to tidy my room.

2. Make a mosaic. Save any broken china or scratched CD's and use them to make a mosaic. You could decorate a photo frame, a mirror, a drinks coaster or anything else you think mum would like. This is definitely a craft that will need adult assistance but is well worth the effort and even little ones can have lots of fun doing it.

3. Recycle food tins into planters, pen pots or lanterns. To make a lantern you will need to make holes in the tin so this is a craft that's better for older children. But for the other two, it's just a question of finding fun ways to decorate them.

There are actually lots of ways you can turn rubbish into planters. Old wellies, glass jars, broken crockery, yoghurt pots etc and planting seeds or bulbs that you can look after together is a wonderful activity for kids as well as a lovely gift for mums.

4. Shrinkies. Get retro with your upcycling crafts and turn crisp packets into keyrings or pendants by shrinking them in the oven.

5. Upcycle old magazines. You can make some amazing crafts by rolling up the pages of old magazines. The simplest of which is to make a piece of wall art by drawing an outline of a shape (maybe a heart or mum's favourite animal) and filling it in with rolled-up magazine pages.

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