Pretend Play Toys for 7 Year Olds

Toys for 7 Year Olds

Pretend play is one of the most common ways children play and this form of play is important to their development. When children role play or pretend to be somebody else, it helps them understand how the world works. And the right toys for 7 year olds can help maximise their development and learning potential.

Their imagination and creativity begin to develop while they learn more about themselves and their emotions. They can practice social skills and learn from others. Pretend play provides a safe space where children can be creative and try out ideas.

So here’s our top picks for the best role play toys for kids.


Dolls have been around for centuries, entertaining children and keeping them engaged in a fun and productive way. Dolls are used for many different types of play, but their primary uses seem to be for imaginative or pretend play.

There is nothing like the joy of playing with dolls. They're fun and can be played with by kids of every age. Nowadays, there are a great many options when it comes to purchasing dolls for your child. Some dolls are incredibly cool as well.

Toy Kitchen Sets

Toy kitchen sets are among the most popular toys for 7 year olds. These playsets are good for make-believe play because they allow children to pretend as chefs. Additionally, these sets serve as an introduction to basic concepts about cooking and baking. This is because they allow kids to learn how to serve different kinds of food and drinks in fun ways. This might sound too simple for adults but I tell you, you will be amazed by their creative ways of serving hamburgers or pancakes!

Play Shops

Play shops for kids are fantastic playsets for imaginative play. These toys are often interactive and provide hours upon hours of meaningful play for children. They are a fantastic alternative to video games, as they allow children to work cooperatively and learn how to negotiate with one another.

While the toy is itself a fabulous little shop, kids can use it to build and create the worlds and stories of their own imagination. Not all play shops for kids are made equally though. There are different kinds and features that should be considered before deciding on what set you want to get for your child.

Tea Sets

Children love imitating the actions of their parents. If they see you enjoy a cup of tea, they'd love to do the same with their friends. And tea sets for kids are the perfect toys for this kind of play.

A tea set for kids consists of a few different components that every child should have in their toy box. Tea sets encourage imaginative and social play for children.

Toy Tool Set

Kids love to copy what their parents do, and parents can help them by providing tools that are safe for their age. This toy tool set helps your kids learn the proper way of fixing something in the house with their dad or mom. It also encourages children to be responsible. Even if you're not the kind of person who likes fixing things in the house, you will surely appreciate this toy set as it is super cute and you can just put it in your kid's room.


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