Push Along Toys

Our selection of push along toys comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Whether you're looking for small, lightweight toys that can be pushed around or larger walkers and activity toys that will help your child learn to walk, we have something for every child.

We understand how difficult it is to find high-quality wooden push toys these days, so we make certain that all of our products are made from environmentally friendly materials and passed through numerous safety and quality checks. All of our products have been designed with safety in mind, so you can be confident that they will not break as easily as plastic ones.

Push along toys are good early development and learning toys for babies and tots. These toys are great developmental toys that provide great physical activity and help to develop muscle growth and strength. They also help coordination, which fosters cognitive and motor skills.

These traditional wooden toys for toddlers are a great way to teach children about their developing surroundings. As soon as your child starts learning how to move, you can give them their very own wooden push toy. There is a wide variety of these toys available for toddlers and infants to get acquainted with their environment.

Push along toys are great for encouraging movement which is vital for developing babies muscles. Wooden push and pull toys help children develop balance and coordination, they teach children about avoiding obstacles, and they offer a little extra stability as they learn to navigate their way around. These brightly coloured toys in various shapes and forms also help with your child’s colour and shape recognition.

For Babies

A push along toy can be incorporated into tummy time for babies, encouraging them to use their muscles to reach out and push themselves up. This could be either a small toy on wheels that they push away from themselves or reach out to grab like the Plan Toy Wheelies, or an activity walker pushed up against something that babies can reach up to fiddle with.

Once they get to the sitting stage a little car or animal on wheels is great fun for pushing around the floor in front of them. And crawling babies will love to have something to chase around the room.

The Plan Toys dino cars are a popular choice with little ones and the perfect size for small hands. Made from eco-friendly PlanWood and rubberwood they are safe to chew, lightweight and easy to clean. Making them the perfect gift for little ones.

For Toddlers

And once babies find their feet, having a push toy to pull themselves up on and walk around the room will provide endless entertainment. Of course, the activity walkers are great at this stage as they have the added bonus of plenty of interactive features for the baby to play with. But we also love the Plan Toys Walk N Roll and Indigo Jamm Bernie's Ride on Bus.

If you are buying for a child that is already walking or close to it then Bernie's Ride on Bus is a great choice as it can be used as a walker, thanks to the sturdy wooden handle and a ride on toy. This makes it a great choice for a first birthday present as it will still be loved and enjoyed when they are two. We love the fact that there’s space inside to take passengers.

From Push Alongs to Pull Toys

Once your child is confident to play with a push along toy while they walk they start to be ready for pull along toys.

Pulling a toy requires a whole different set of skills to pushing one. Instead of providing additional stability a pull toy requires additional balancing skills. Children have to learn to walk with one hand behind them and will often want to turn back to look at the toy they are pulling.

This could result in a few tumbles as they get the hang of it but they soon will and will love being able to take their favourite friend for a walk or pull along a cart full of toys.

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